My Role at Gladfish

Two Decades of Property Thought Leadership for the Everyperson…

In 2004 after 2 years of living in London, I decided to stay a while so I founded YPC Group in 2016 I took over as Chairman of Gladfish. 

2017 sees the introduction of Gladfish - Property Search... Think Gladfish, this is Bretts first Property Tech company which will offer various investment strategies including co-working space, hotels, international property as well as his stable, residential property.

Brett also developers hotels and residential sites across Australia and the UK. Through his various partners he can offer a wide range of investments to his clients.

In 2012, with my family & business growing we moved to Singapore to guide the expansion throughout Asia. Despite the move, I still get involved in the day-to-day strategic side of the business (too much most of the team would say).

These days my time is spent recording videos, writing educational material and running seminars. However, I still get involved in the Portfolio Management which I believe so much in.

  • Founder, Chairman and Property Investment Expert
  • Prolific Author and Property Through Leader – 1 Best-selling Book, 25 Books, 0ver 1000 blogs, and 200 hours of Video.
  • Well-known YouTube Property Personality with his Weekly Property Investment News segment, Property Rants and 60 Sec Property Pop Quiz.
  • People’s Book Prize winning for The 3+1 Plan – Insiders way to Financial Freedom with Just 4 Properties.
  • Husband to Arlene, Father of Ahmani, Bastien, Bayzen and Akira.
  • Lives between London, Singapore and Australia.


Managing Director, London

I knew I wanted to get onto the property ladder. People had been telling me to buy a property as soon as possible. It made sense. But I lacked the know-how to make it a reality. That's where they stepped in. I started by reading Brett's book 'The 3+1 Plan' and then I gave the guys at YPC a call.

Getting Personal with Brett

Some of my highlights

My Highest Accomplishments

  • Having 4 kids and having time for each of them,
  • Convincing Arlene to marry me 
  • Building 8 successful businesses and guiding them through the 2007-2012 recession.
  • Travelling to over 35 countries, Favourite city is Hong Kong, Favourite country is Nepal.
  • Winning the Peoples Book Prize in 2010 for Non-Fiction.
  • My promotion to Cadet Under Officer (CUO) in the Air Force Cadets.
  • Various Sporting and Debating Championships whilst at school.

Brett was born in Melbourne, Australia before moving to Brisbane when he was 7 years old. He spent most of his early career in Property, Personal Development and Consulting. He never lost the passion for property ignited by his parents who in his teens would buy and renovate properties on the weekend. “After 20 years I now have a large portfolio across a number of countries and I live between UK, Singapore, and Australia.”

He was married in 2008 on Sydney Harbour to Arlene (a fellow Aussie – although her Dad is Filipino and Mum is German and she spent much of her life is Asia). They have four kids, Ahmani (born 2010), Bastien (2012), Bayzen(2014) and Akira(2016). Brett says he has finally worked out what causes them :). Arlene and Brett also study Mandarin twice a week together (they call it their day date.)

Brett has a number of business interests besides property the other ones being a large Tyre store in Queensland and a number of sites selling Internet Marketing and corporate consultancy. He also has a number of incubator businesses in which he guides new entrepreneurs to get their business established.

Brett also stays physically active through Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts as well as swimming and riding his Road and Mountain bikes.

Brett spent many years in the military. Joining the Air Force cadets at 13 years and reaching their highest level (Cadet Under Officer) at age 16. He then went on to join the Royal Australian Army (Artillery Corp), after being told he was too tall (by 2cm) to be a pilot, he then corp transferred to the Royal Australia Navy as a Clearance Diver (CD). Brett is well known for his annual Formula One Grand Prix Boys weekend when his mates from across the world descend for 4 days of fun followed by a week in a different country each year.

My Work Process

I have always worked hard, (Arlene would say too hard), I got this from my parents who worked hard throughout their lives. My father always had 2 jobs and they always took on extra work to make money.

We were like any middle-class family in Australia at the time. I have been able to successfully maintain their work ethic but combine it with working smarter and creating leverage wherever I can.

I have always been very focussed on family and my prime motivator was to give my family and also those around me more opportunity that I perhaps had.

Off Topic Things About Me

  • I was into Triathlons from an early age which then moved into Adventure racing, I’ve always loved the bush.
  • Youngest Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer in Queensland (16 years)
  • Held a job as a Flim Flam Singing Telegram Man whilst at University.
  • I am probably a geek at heart, except I never learnt to code so I had to learn to sell.
  • Once was a backup dancer for English pop singer, Ellie Campbell during her tour of Australia.


Brett is our resident property expert, he has overseen the sales of over a billion dollars in property sales over his career.

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