Neelam Springer

London and UK Property Expert & Senior Property Consultant.

Decades of experience, good and bad to help you achieve your goals…

My Role at Gladfish

I started at Gladish in 2012 and had been in sales for over 10 years before that, selling alternative investments to experienced and inexperienced investors.

I bought my first property in 1995 which gave me the experience of living through the emotional rollercoaster of buying my first property that most of us will experience... this puts me in a great position to empathise with clients as I fully understand what it takes to be a property investor.

As an investor, I have made good choices as well as bad choices. All my UK investment properties have served me well.

However, I have also invested in off plan overseas which was not a great decision. I got sold on the glossy brochures and the palm trees. So totally understand buying with emotion.

It's not until I joined Gladfish that I learned to make decisions based on facts and the numbers as opposed to emotions, but also how important it is to work with a company you can trust and build a long term relationship with.


Getting Personal with Neelam

My Work Process

As a senior consultant, I am your first point of contact and really enjoy talking to people from all walks of life and backgrounds. I give them the understanding and knowledge they need so they are confident and comfortable to invest in property... We are all different RIGHT!!

Off Topic Things About Me

Let's face it there's nothing overly attractive about bricks and mortar. ..but what I do LOVE about it is the financial choices it can give you and your family in life. ..guess what you don't have to put hours and hours of your life if done using the right support systems and strateg

Articles By Neelam

Neelam is one of our resident property experts, she has overseen the sales of over 100 million dollars in property sales over his career.
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Latest Events

Live Webinar hosted by Brett Alegre-Wood

Date: Coming in May

This live webinar is a great way to get to know how our unique Done For You property solution can help you. 

Draw on Brett's 25+ years experience and oversight of over £1 Billion in property transactions across 3 countries. 

Brett lives between Singapore, Australia and the UK so he is well versed in UK investors as well as expats and international investors. 

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The Gladfish experience is effortless property investment. All done for you and this extends right the way through from reservation to completion. 

* You will be taken to an external service we use for your Automated Valuation. If you wish we can also arrange a physical valuation for either rental or sales. In this case you will be referred to our sister company, Ezytrac Property Services.

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