The 3 Simple Reasons To Build A Property Portfolio (based on research of 4000 investors)

Hey guys,

It’s been almost 20 years in the UK that we’ve been helping investors buy property. Very few is any of the original companies that existed back then are still around. I believe this is because they focussed on the property exclusively and devoted all of their time to pitching deals.

We did things a little differently, you see I learnt whilst selling property and mortgages in Australia that it is so important to have a reason why. A core focus, a motivation above and beyond the property. See property wasn’t really motivational, it wasn’t inspirational and it certainty wasn’t beautiful and exciting. For the most part it was boring and well… ‘Just A Box That Makes You Money’.

So how do we make it sexy, exciting and inspirational? 

Well we don’t but we do attach the growth and success of our portfolio to more important things and in over 4000 sales, probably double the amount of meetings and almost 20 years it comes down to 3 things.

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Pension
  3. Kids. 

But not in that order… For some strange reason we turn them arse about and focus on the kids first, pension (retirement) next and only after we have a good crack at these will we grant ourselves some lifestyle. 

It shouldn’t be that way, I train our investor to focus on lifestyle, then pension then kids. That way the kids learn through example and you are able to live a better life earlier whilst not sacrificing your pension retirement.

Now it’s about now that most property gurus and commentators will start saying the benefit of investing in properties offer numerous benefits, from creating a passive income stream to securing your financial future. By building a portfolio of properties, you can create a lifestyle that provides financial stability, flexibility, and the opportunity to leave a legacy for your children. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the three main reasons for building a property portfolio: securing your kids' future, enhancing your lifestyle, and ensuring a comfortable retirement. 

BULLSH*T, I mean sure this is all true but it’s boring and clinical and I don’t want to get out of bed for this. 

I can get out of bed, and do… every day for the past 30+ years because of these 3 simple reasons.

Reason 1: Enhancing Your Lifestyle

I am definitely not talking about the fast cars, huge mansions and this bitcoin try hard babies who flash their cash around as if they made it in one trade. For the most part property will take time to give you a truly wealthy lifestyle, in the meantime it is able to give you the smaller things. 100% and this is what we focus investors on starting out. Life changing? No. Motivational? You bet. 

Financial Stability and Freedom

Building a property portfolio can provide you with financial stability and freedom. Rental income from properties can supplement your regular income, giving you more financial security. This additional income can be used to cover expenses, take vacations, or pursue your passions without worrying about financial constraints. By diversifying your investments through properties, you can create a lifestyle that offers both stability and freedom. 

Blah Blah Blah all this is usual rubbish that most people want to hear but is it really.  I have seen Mum’s be able to turn to part time so they can pick up their kids each day. That’s life changing, Parents afford an additional holiday in the sun. That’s life changing.

Flexibility and Control

Investing in properties allows you to have more control over your lifestyle. You can choose the locations, types of properties, and rental terms that align with your preferences and goals. This flexibility allows you to design a lifestyle that suits your needs, whether it's owning properties in desirable vacation destinations or creating a portfolio of rental properties in your local area. You have the freedom to make decisions that align with your lifestyle aspirations.

Wealth Creation and Asset Appreciation

A property portfolio can be a powerful tool for wealth creation. Over time, properties tend to appreciate in value, providing you with potential capital gains. As property values increase, so does your net worth. This wealth accumulation can open up new opportunities and enhance your lifestyle. Additionally, the rental income generated from properties can contribute to your overall financial well-being, allowing you to enjoy a higher standard of living.

Once again, I know I keep harping on about this but it is so impactful when you truly embrace this. 

Reason 2: Ensuring a Comfortable Retirement

So you’re lifestyle is on the way, so now you need to turn to your retirement, afterall you probably don’t like your company that much and they would probably let you go for a younger version in a heartbeat. So now’s the time to get the pension in order so you have freedom in retirement.

Retirement Income

Building a property portfolio can help ensure a comfortable retirement by providing a reliable source of income. Rental properties can generate consistent cash flow, even during retirement, supplementing your retirement savings and pension. This additional income stream can help cover living expenses, healthcare costs, and other financial obligations that arise during retirement.

Retirement Lump Sum

In addition to generating rental income, properties can serve as a valuable asset that can be sold or leveraged to provide a lump sum for your retirement. As property values appreciate, you have the option to sell properties and use the proceeds to fund your retirement or invest in other income-generating opportunities. This flexibility gives you the power to make choices that align with your retirement goals and aspirations.

Tax Advantages and Retirement Planning

Investing in properties for retirement offers various tax advantages. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be eligible for deductions on property-related expenses, depreciation benefits, and capital gains tax deferrals. These tax advantages can significantly impact your retirement planning by maximising your investment returns and reducing your tax liability.

Look tax planning is overlooked and largely ignored but it’s important but the actual planning of this whole thing is critical. It’s why we spend so much time on Goals, a Plan and A Strategy before we chat about property.

Reason 3: Securing Your Kids' Future

Ok, Ok, Finally let’s chat about the kids. This is the one that find most parents are focussed on and most parents are happy to put before their own needs. To hell with that but as long as you’ve secure the lifestyle and the pension then that it the time to build ni something for the kids. 

The most often ask is the kids education. 

Kids Education 

One of the primary motivations for building a property portfolio is to secure your kids' future, particularly their education and financial well-being. By investing in properties, you can generate a stable income that can be used to fund their education expenses. Rental income from properties can serve as a reliable source of cash flow, ensuring that you can provide the best education for your children.

Setting Up Your Kids Financially

Building a property portfolio also allows you to set up your kids financially. By acquiring properties and managing them effectively, you can accumulate wealth over time. This wealth can be passed on to your children, providing them with a solid financial foundation. Properties can appreciate in value, and the rental income can be reinvested or used to support your kids as they navigate their own financial journeys.

Leaving a Legacy for Your Kids

Investing in properties not only allows you to secure your kids' future but also enables you to leave a lasting legacy. By building a property portfolio, you create assets that can be passed down to future generations. These properties can provide ongoing income and financial security for your kids and even their children. It's a way to ensure that your hard-earned wealth continues to benefit your family for years to come

Building a property portfolio offers a multitude of benefits that can create a lifestyle of financial stability, flexibility, and security. By securing your kids' future, enhancing your lifestyle, and ensuring a comfortable retirement, investing in properties becomes a strategic long-term approach to wealth creation. Take the first step in creating a lifestyle through property investment by exploring your options and consulting with experts in the field. Start building your property portfolio today and enjoy the rewards for years to come.

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