010 – Cities, Not Suburbs, Are The Future Of UK Property! Population Decline

This may be controversial!

The future of the UK is in the cities, not the small towns, not the suburbs, and not necessarily the commuter belts either, but the major cities. Cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, and, to a lesser degree, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, and Sheffield.

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Why should cities be your focus?

As the UK population ages, (it already is), the young move to the cities, leaving the suburbs decimated by a lack of investment, jobs, and labour. 

World Population by Age to 2100

No business, no consumption, diminished fundamentals and over time (decades) these areas will become economic ghost lands. Not somewhere worthy of your investment dollars. 

Japan is the first developed country to see this on scale. Make no mistake, the rest of the developed world is following suit. 

Population Growth Top 10 Countries to 2100

There will be a time when there are more adult diapers than baby diapers, and it’s already here in many areas in Japan. Now, make no mistake, the reality is Japan’s population is decreasing and the demand is shifting to the cities. Every country will follow this trend.

World Population 2100

Could migration solve the issue?

Migration might stop the decline for a while, but as the developing world gets better, it will be harder for developed countries like the UK and the US to attract migrants.

Australia, one of the most popular places in the world to migrate to (Go Aussies!) is even struggling to fill the backlog required to keep areas outside the cities growing.

Scary thought, I know, but a sobering one for property investors, as it represents an opportunity in the cities.

Give us a call and let’s discuss the opportunities and strategies that will guard against the ageing population and changing demographics moving to the cities.

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