011 – Cities, Not Suburbs, Are The Future Of UK Property! Which Cities?

“Fundamentals follow the investment”

If you look at the cities, that's where virtually all of the investment is going. It's getting invested in the cities, so as you source your property, as you think about where to invest, make sure you're thinking about the cities and how close you are to the cities because above all that is where the potential is in the UK now.

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What are the Largest Cities & Surrounds in the UK?

UK Largest Cities

Personally, I only see three main choices (marked in yellow) for investors in the UK: London, Manchester, and Birmingham. The fundamentals are just too good for these three, and the certainty that they bring eclipses all others. 

Give us a call and let’s discuss the opportunities and strategies that are ideal as more of the population moves to the above cities.

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PS. Why not Bristol you may ask? Prices are much higher than rents and therefore as an investment you will need to top up income each month to make cash flow positive. So we avoid Bristol (and in fact many areas South-West of London).

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