001 – How to Achieve Effortless UK Property Investment

UK property has always been a favourite spot for investors. The United Kingdom provides an excellent opportunity for your core investment strategy.

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So what does "effortless" mean?

Set & Forget Philosophy

It’s based on my "Set and Forget Philosophy," which means that everything you do in property should be set up in order to forget about it on a day-to-day basis for periods of two years.  Why two years? Well, this is enough time for the market to change and short enough to make positive decisions.

You see, I've always run my business as if I were managing my own portfolio, the tools, the advice, the property, and the services are all fashioned in the very same way that I run my personal portfolio. I’ve always had a career outside of my portfolio. So being a passive investor and NOT a stressed landlord was the most important thing. 

I’m originally from Australia and have lived in UK until 2012 then in Singapore until 2022, when Arlene and I packed up, put our 4 kids into homeschooling, to begin a 2 year world tour. So you might say that after 10 years of living abroad, I know a thing or two about being an expat, living in Asia, and not being in the same country as my property. 

First and foremost, you need to trust your chosen partners. However, I find that most of the time, you choose agents based on their proximity, the fact that they are "Johnny on the spot," or, as with many relationships, a word-of-mouth referral. 

In fact, you’d be surprised how many times we can beat their prices, property options, terms, and level of service, often creating less work for you and providing a much more joined-up experience for your portfolio.

You see, I train my team to cover everything for you, you might see it as a full service Agent, we see it as 'effortless property investment and management' 

That’s exactly what we aim to provide. We do the following: 

  • Research the best areas with the best fundamentals and ongoing regeneration.
  • Source from a variety of recognised and proven developers that practise incremental price increases throughout the build program.
  • Negotiate the best prices on the best plots on the earliest phases.

  • Structuring by an expert each property and your portfolio.

  • Mortgages by specialist brokers for your property and portfolio.

  • Conveyance by specialist new build solicitors to ensure all your bases are covered. 

  • Lettings that are guaranteed to find a tenant minimising any void period.

  • Management covering everything including being your address and paying any bills for you. 

  • Compliance & Licensing - with over 170 bits of legislation don’t risk it with an unqualified, unregulated agent.

  • Resales - when that time comes, get the best price and the certainty that your property sells. 

  • Reviews - match your strategy to the market, expand your portfolio, increase your cash flow or reduce your expenses or debt. 

  • Bespoke - giving you the service and support you personally need rather than a we serve the developer mentality.

So whatever your needs, we’ve got the qualifications, experience, systems, relationships, and history that you need for an effortless experience. We're perfectly suited to investors looking to invest in UK property.

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Live with passion,

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