015 – How To Guarantee Your UK Property is Let, Everytime!

In 6 weeks or less, we guarantee to find you a tenant, every time!

That's right, we have such confidence in our ability to find a tenant that we can guarantee it. 

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This isn't one of those deals available from some agents where you forgo a good portion of your rent for the security of knowing the rent is guaranteed, this is simply because we are so confident in our ability.

What do we do so differently? Simple, we work from our unique "Get It Let" Principle. 

So what does this mean?

Guarantee Your Property is let copy

Assuming the property is in a lettable condition, the Void Period comes down to only 2 reasons

  1. An Incompetent Agent and,
  2. Advertised Rents Not reflecting the Current Market for that property.

We understand that rental markets change weekly, so we adjust the rent weekly; Mondays, our agents give us updates, Tuesdays, we update you, Thursdays, we adjust the mix of rent and incentives ready for the weekend rush.

Marketing generally consists of online portals, local marketing, websites, and our database of tenants.

So in simple terms, we use a proven strategy:

1. Overprice the rent to test the higher market then 

2. Regularly drop the rent in response to the market (every week or fortnight). 

3. Find the perfect rent for the market, within no more than 3 to 6 weeks, often before the old tenant has moved out. 

4. Do move in and referencing as quickly as possible using our dedicated proptech platform.

Finally, we understand the progressive KPIs of lettings. They are "V V O" (Visits - Viewings - Offers). Website Visits, Viewings booked and attended and finally, Offers Made.

Over the past two decades, we have demonstrated that these principles and systems have never failed to rent a property. Never…

Use this email as a voucher for your first guaranteed letting on any property, even if we didn’t sell it. Try us out by chatting with the team, there are conditions, but hey, you better believe we will perform.

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