006 – Is UK Property Right for your Overriding Portfolio Strategy.

From our point of view, strategy is one of the most important things to think about not only before you buy, but also while you own the property and when it's time to sell or get a new mortgage. It’s what we spend time on before we talk about individual properties with you.

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As experts in strategy, we focus on your Core Strategy (in your case, this would likely be your home town or country residential property), and, if you’re ready, an Alternate Strategy (we hope it's UK residential in major cities).

Overriding Portfolio Strategy(General)

We teach you the rules of the game and then match the strategy to meet the market. All this before we discuss specific properties. Why?

Because it's the correct way to do things!

Because of these things, we always come up with a new plan for each property that is bought.

Let’s chat and get your perfect strategy for the current market; we’ll even bring in your existing portfolio you have in the UK (or anywhere else).

Live with passion, Brett

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