025 – Let’s Get Moving, Implementing the UK Property Investor Guide 2023

So guys, hopefully this has given you, as we've been through this, you know, the, the book and the emails and the content and that, hopefully we've given you a really good foundation with which to build from that you've started to see some of the pros and cons of the industry, how to overcome them, how our unique distinction and unique perspective deals with the industry and all that it is.

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Hopefully, you're starting to see that there's a level of depth in what we do, and that that is attractive to you. You see, what, I'd rather work with is someone like that, than perhaps an agent who is just, you know, the surface level, you know, and that really is a big thing, you know, you know, they may have the best marketing in the world, they may have, you know, look slick all that stuff, but I think there's very few people that I've seen anywhere across any industry, that goes to the level of depth that we go into, with everything from our due diligence from our relationship with customers, with our one to one approach, whatever it is, okay. And hopefully, through this journey, you've seen that that is the level of detail we go to, okay. 

If you really want to build your portfolio over a long period of time, and I'm talking with customers now that we have worked with for 20 years, customers who are now at the point where they've retired, and are living off the fruits of their work. I think that's key, unfortunately, the industry and what happens now is so short term, we've really gone for a long term relationship, we're there, and I'm still very active in the business. It's very rarely the get someone as active as I am. It's certainly there are people out there, but for the most part, most heads of businesses like ours, you know, sit back, their minions run around in a hole, that sort of stuff, you'll find the guys that you'll deal with with us, they know me, they know my principles, they know, you know, the stories they know, all the education and knowledge that they've got experienced themselves, you know, or they're on the same journey that you aren't, I think that's one of the key to all of the staff that work me, they're on their own journey. And whether they're at the beginning of the journey or the end, nobody's really at the end of the journey. But you know, whether they're, you know, they're a pathway along the journey, that's the sort of people that you're dealing with, you know, we're going through the same thing as you, we have the same stresses and worries about the market, about politics, about getting mortgages, about all that sort of stuff. And I think you're dealing with people here who are on that journey with you together, they'll talk from their perspective, and they'll talk from a variety of perspectives from clients. Yeah. So we have all those stories, all these processes, all that set up, ready to go. And all we're really waiting for is you can come in, get your plan, get your strategy, get confident, and certainty, you know, the systems and the education and all that is robust, it's proven, we've been doing it enough time enough to know that it works. And it works over and over and over again. So the real question is, you know, what's the approach you want? Look, if you want to massively hands on, you want to be going out on weekends, and not times, and you know, sitting on the internet and researching and all that, then fine, that probably isn't what you know, we're probably not the right person for you. But if you've got a career, if you got a family, if your passions, you've got things that take your time, and you don't want to put all of your time in, but you still want to be involved in all the decisions. So you understand where you got to, okay, then that is actually our ideal client. You know, our ideal client doesn't have the time, they don't necessarily have the expertise to do it themselves. Yeah. And they don't have the relationships, you know. And I think that's the key, the three key things that if you're sitting there thinking, you know, what, I know what I'm doing, I know how to do this. Yeah, I've got experience, I've been doing it for 10 years or whatever mean investing. But you know, what, I don't have the time or I don't have the relationships, well, then where the person for you? Maybe you're living in a different country, okay. Because obviously 40% of our clients are international clients. Okay? So we're regularly dealing with people who aren't in the same country. So they need someone they can trust, they need someone they can feel like has their back, you know, and has their best interests. Now, it doesn't mean that we get everything right. You know, there's so many variables, but I can tell you when things go wrong, we stand up, we put our hand up and say, yep, this is what happened. Yeah. So it's not this, we're going to try and cover up and all that crap, things go wrong. People make mistakes, you know, the staff make mistakes. They you know, there's things that can happen and changes and data and all this other stuff, which, you know, you're dealing with tenants who are increasingly more educated and even if they aren't educated correctly, they think they are educated. Yeah. So you know, it's it's harder and longer process. You've got councils, you've got all these sort of third parties, who are now becoming increasingly

Any more litigious, in other words, they don't even give you a week, they'll go straight to court and get the court order, and then let you deal with that, you know, so that's the environment we work in right now. So you need a professional you can trust that has the systems that has the depth of knowledge that, you know, has a demonstrated capability over, you know, in the UK 20 years, I think it's 19 years that we've been going, you know, for me, it's 30 years in property and even longer, actually, because, as a teenager, you know, I was out there having walls and doing renovations, you know, with my parents. And so, property's been my life for a very long time. And I can tell you, it still is, you know, I wake up in the morning, and it's probably the first thing I think about, maybe I should probably say, Arlene is probably the first thing I figured out my wife, but not maybe the second thing I speak about, you know, so that's the sort of level of depth and commitment that you'll get from us. Alright, so if you want to give us a call, you know, read, if you haven't, if there's just one video, read the actual document in the book that I've written, go through the actual content, there's plenty of videos that you've got there, that really gives you that level of certainty about us and about what we talk about and the processes and all that sort of stuff. Alright, and then get in touch, and we'll be more than happy to help you build your portfolio, set whatever goals you have, map out a plan, map out a strategy, and then implement. Yeah, because that is key. It's all good having the theory, but unless you're the implementation, that's what we do very, very well. And what we've been doing for a very long time very, very well. Alright guys. See you. Thank you for joining us on this series. And yeah, good luck. If you whichever strategy you choose, whatever direction you go into, we're always here to help and yeah, good luck. See you later.

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