009 – Outrageously Accurate Predictions for the UK Property Market!

Who would have thought that my early 90s university economics would turn into a daily obsession for predicting the UK and worldwide property markets.

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You can check my regular YouTube predictions which have been pretty much spot on for the past two decades. 

So much news these days is biased in whatever direction, mine is biased towards what's best for you, a property investor, and using the market data available to predict when and if you should change your strategy to meet the new market. 

We even keep up with the range of local markets and countries where our investors are so we can factor this into our support.

More than this, I base all my predictions and advice on proven fundamentals. I use this as the base for my predictions, and then a reading of the long-term market cycle is layered on top, giving you plenty of time to adjust your strategy.

Here are my latest predictions for 2023–2026.

5 Key UK Property Predictions for 2023-2026

Of course, the disclaimer for all predictions is that they can be wrong, as I always say, “Most experts are wrong most of the time.” But for me, brutal honesty is also a trait, so it’s a “No Hype, No BS, just straight up honest” approach to all things. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this approach.

Live with Passion,

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