005 – The One Simple Reason Why People Fail in UK Property!

I’ve done property across 4 countries for over 3 decades including Singapore (where I’ve lived for the past 10 years) and in that time I've seen time and again people fail because they chose the wrong strategy in the wrong market. You might say I'm a bit fanatical when it comes to strategy, so forgive me if it feels like I'm preaching but make no mistake…

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This Is Important!

It's perhaps the most overlooked—or, in fact, feared thing for most property professionals, having to predict the market and tell you what strategy is best for now and the foreseeable future. 

Property Trend Cycle

Most property professionals aren't trained in economics, they actually don’t have a clue and work off a model that says property will ALWAYS go up. In their defence, they aren’t taught it. That’s where my team differs massively; we teach this stuff, train this stuff, and update you on this stuff. We’re not afraid of the hard questions. Seriously, Try Us!

This raises the question of what strategy to choose for the current market?

  • Market Cycle - Well it will depends on what part of the market cycle you're in.
  • Portfolio Dynamics - What mix of portfolio dynamics; your cash flow and capital.
  • Emotions & Experience - And it will depend on your emotions and how they interact with your decisions?

Let’s chat and get your perfect strategy for the current market; we’ll even bring in your existing portfolio you have anywhere else, irrespective of the city, town, or country where it is.

Live with passion,

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