013 – UK Politics: 17th Most Corrupt, Here’s Why On Earth Would You Invest Here!

There has been a lot of media coverage about how bad things are in the UK: corruption at the highest levels is on the rise, the rich-poor divide is wider than ever, the cost of living crisis has arrived, Brexit has arrived, and the list goes on. 

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Perceived Corruption Index 2020-2022

You could be mistaken for thinking the UK is a basket case, and you would be right, UK politics is a basket case... but show me any developed country that isn't right now. 

Europe is plagued with slow growth.  The US is, well, do I even need to go into its; multitude of issues from massive debt, rich-poor divide, to their taxation system and war machine and a demented 80-year old with a nuclear button. 

Even traditional bastions of lifestyle and inclusion, such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, are struggling to keep political corruption under control. 

It's fair to say politics is in turmoil around the world, but as an investor I think the important question is “Can you make money irrespective of this?” and the UK, you definitely still can! 

Aside from politics, the country is still very easy in all respects to invest in, sell and manage wherever you are in the world. That part hasn’t changed.

Opportunities are everywhere. The larger cities are certainly fairing better than other areas. In some places where there is a lot of regeneration going on and the population is growing, life goes on as usual. 

But whatever the media bias you may have heard, make no mistake: the UK is open for investment and will continue to be so for many decades to come.

It’s a world market, with world cities and a diverse cultural population that welcomes overseas investment, even though the media may say otherwise. 

You just need to look past the media and focus on the fundamentals. 

Live with passion,

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