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There are so many options these days for investors of UK properties.

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When it comes to mortgages, you have the option of onshore or offshore lenders, with both providing equally good offerings.

Obtaining finance is actually pretty straightforward nowadays, whether from an offshore lender such as NatWest International or HSBC or from a local UK banks and building societies. There is no shortage of lenders and specialist lenders for UK property investors. 

The process of obtaining a mortgage can be challenging due to the level of detail required, but this is the case for all lenders with the current anti-money laundering and responsible lending marketplace, it's just the reality of the state of the lenders.

The 3 'P's of Mortgage Application

The 3 ‘P’s of a Mortgage Application

The general rule for a mortgage is that you need to consider: 

  1. Property, 

  2. Person and 

  3. Proposition. 

Each of these will determine whether you are able to get lending on a property. 

The good news is that it’s never a problem finding a mortgage for you.

So what are the likely conditions of a UK Mortgage?

Interest Only Mortgages: Well firstly, it’s likely to be an Interest only mortgage which means you pay just the interest, this works in your favour as it allows a better cash flow but yes you won’t pay the balance off, however this is where inflation is your friend, as over time as the value of the debt is deflated away.

Company Structure: If you choose to buy in a company structure, then one thing to consider is that the interest rate will be anywhere from 0.5% to 1.5% higher; however, this choice presents the opportunity for you to potentially save money on income tax and inheritance tax. As part of our sales progression, we can go into full details on this, including referring you to a professional. 

Maximum Loan to Value: The majority of lenders provide loan-to-value ratios ranging from 60% to 85%, but work on 75% for buy-to-let properties.

Income Requirements: To be eligible for a mortgage in the first place, you will need an income equivalent to at least £30,000, and the minimum loan amount varies from £50,000. This rises up for international buyers.

Remortgage Possibility: Once you have built up some equity in your property, you will be eligible for a remortgage. 

Specialist Mortgage Broker Referral: If it all seems a bit much right now, don’t worry, we have specialist international brokers who can assist you in navigating the mortgage process. Our brokers have the expertise and knowledge to help you find the best lender and mortgage solution for your specific needs. 

It’s best to have a chat with the team on +442079236100 and we can always make the referral. 

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