023 – We Get Your Tenants to Help Sell your Property!

We sell your property with or without a tenant in place!

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We operate differently from most agents, who want you to remove the tenant in order to sell your property. They focus narrowly on selling; we focus on the best outcome or return for you!

Remember, we are investors first, so it's about return on investment, and not having rental income while a property sells hurts your wallet.

How We Sell Your Property with Tenant in Place

So what do we do?

  • We convert the tenant to our way of thinking by first offering them first right of refusal to buy;

  • If they decline, we work with them and offer them moving costs if the property sells. It works! 

  • It means they allow viewings and even do a pretty good job of selling the property on your behalf. Seriously, it’s a win-win-win. All the while, you receive rental income.

About 5% of the time the tenant buys, and 80% of the time they support the viewings and sale, and it works so well.

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