014 – Why Other Hybrid Models Failed and We Continue To Succeed!

Since 2007, we've operated our unique hybrid model, similar models have been tied to many failed businesses that all tried to buy landlords with cheap offerings and even cheaper service. Purplebricks is the most well-known hybrid agency that failed miserably at hybrid.

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We took a different approach to Hybrid. We used a central management office and a network of over 30 local agencies all over the country. It worked.

Unique Hybrid Model

The benefits of hybrid to you are clear…

It lets you have just one relationship for all of your properties, no matter where they are in the UK. You can pick the best areas without having to change agents. We handle the various relationships that are integral to the success of your portfolio.

These days, while a local presence is becoming less essential, it still has its uses, and around 90% of people still want to view the properties in person before signing.

The rise of Proptech is great and making headway, but it's not there yet. Things such as online 3D walkthroughs, and augmented reality are still a ways off from having widespread adoption. 

For these reasons, in addition to our network, 2023–24 will see us adding five offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Lincoln, so we have more control and are able to provide a truly unique service.

If you’ve got existing properties that would benefit from our one point of call service, then chat with the team, we’d love to help. 

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