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Any property, anywhere across the UK. We have over 1250 properties managed for over 700 landlords.

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For all investors, we also handle things like a UK address, bill payments, UK bank accounts, compliance, licenses, tax returns, and, well, everything!

Our team is spread from Singapore to the United Kingdom, so you can reach us from lunchtime in Asia until the end of business in the United Kingdom. 

All with a one-point-of-call dedicated property manager for anything you need. We have a dedicated head office in Lincoln that handles everything for your property, tenancy, and finances.

We Do Everything Uk Team

We’re a Propertymark regulated agent with Level 3 qualifications by various staff and I am 2 exams away from my Level 4 diploma. It gives us a deep understanding of the compliance and licensing requirements needed for your property, meaning less exposure for you. 

In fact, our entire business is based on one simple attitude: 

Whatever needs to be done, we will do it for you.

That's because I built the business to service my needs, living in Singapore and Australia and having properties in the UK. 

Add to that the fact that I grew up in a military family, served four years (plus five years in cadets), and worked at McDonald's from a young age, and I developed an understanding, ok, passion, alright, obsession, for having things in order, essentially systems. You might notice this in our approach to looking after your properties.

Taking care of your properties means not only managing them, but also doing annual reviews of your portfolio to make sure that each property is giving you the results you need.

Live with passion,


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