Accredited Investors Only

Developer Loan Notes

Potentially Earn between 8-22% per annum
As Banks in the UK have become far less likely to lend to developers and the awareness and benefits of crowdfunding have moved into hyper gear, we're seeing more and more developers want to raise capital through Developer Loan Notes. 

So what is a Loan Note?
A Loan Note is a form of promissory agreement, essentially an IOU – a piece of paper recording a promise to repay a loan, usually with interest, on specified terms. It is usually more formalised than an IOU and therefore will be easier to prove to a court in terms of a dispute or breech.

Why would a Developer need to borrow money in this form? 
In this day and age, it requires more and more money over a longer period of time to complete a development. Banks are very good at lending under certain criteria (some may say nearly impossible criteria) Loan Notes offer a more flexible way of raising finance.  In fact, most Developers will still use bank funding for the majority of the lending. 

Here's an example of a product available (Jan 2018)

Min Investment: £25,000
Term: Min 12 Months

Coupon (interest): 10%-12% per annum.

Issuer: Award Winning Developer with £25+mill profit in 2017.

Self Certification

As part of our regulatory obligation to the financial services and markets act 2000, you are required to declare the type of investor that you are.  Registering does not commit you to any investment. 

High Net Worth

I have an annual income of more than £100,000 or savings of more than £250,000.

Sophisticated Investor

I have previous experience of similar investments or other alternative investments.

Restricted Investor

I have not invested more than 10% of my net assets in non-readily realisable securities in the past 12 months.
Once we have your declaration the team are able to introduce these investments to you. Your declaration lasts for a period of 12 months at which point you can sign another. 

Call the team on +442079236100 and the team can explain all the benefits, and the risks of this investment option.

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