Our off-market approach gives developers certainty their current property sales strategies, usually through site offices and local agents, aren't affected. Gladfish's investors from around the globe offer developers much greater certaintly and security to continue schemes. Developers are often willing to offer better prices in earlier phases of development and / or preferential terms. 

Brett Alegre-Wood - Founder and Chairman


5 Points that make our Off-Market approach unique.

Point #1

The developer/agent sells more property faster because they are reaching a far greater audience. Gladfish has over 60,000 active investors that receive exclusive property launches. This is a huge amount of potential investors and the main reason we sell out of up to 40 properties in just a few days.

Point #2

Developers find it challenging to sell to owner-occupiers in early phases as the building is not complete. This is why they are prepared to offer better prices to investors in early phases. In addition, the time it takes to build means they are likely to put prices up due to market conditions as fundamentals improve around the development. So you benefit from the early phase and the time it takes to build.

Point #3

We buy in bulk as many developers don't have the resources to sell in bulk! We only deal with professional developers and agents and carry out research on a property to give you the certainty you need.  The nature of the business is that a developer/agent never knows just how well their property units will sell until they launch a scheme. We regularly get in before an official launch and give them certainty to kick start their sales. They can launch sales with confidence and often allows them to put up prices as demand is proven. Prices increasing is a good thing when you buy early, as you are making capital growth, albeit paper profits.

Point #4

Ease of dealing with professionals. The ease of dealing with an experienced agent who is purchasing bulk properties and is then managing each of the clients, saves them time, hassle and ultimately, money. They are more open to negotiating a better price, something we do on a daily basis for our clients.

Point #5

Many of our relationships with developers and agents have been forged over the past decade or more. The nature of our business is to do repeat business. After all, the developer is in the business of building property and we are in the business of selling property so it's a perfect match, The only thing we need to decide is the price of each unit, the additions to a unit and terms of the contract and sale.

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Leaders in Off-Market Property sales for over a decade

Our unique off market approach has been pioneered by Brett Alegre-Wood using his knowledge of the property market and identifing gaps in high street estate agencies.

Brett set about building a group of Developer Partners who use Gladfish as their first point of call for their bulk property sales. Twelve years on and his off-market approach works as well today as it did back when he started the business. 

Despite what many people think, developers are not blood-thirsty, profit-hungry monsters. Many build quality properties that stand the test of time and provide a great environment for families around the country. We make it as easy as possible to bring developers and their agents together with investors. 

We pick the best of these developers and agents to provide our investors with a continuous stream of property investment opportunitiesvetted by our Research team. These are presented in a clear, simple format with all the details you need to make an informed investment decision. 


Swale Property Investment Guide

Swale Property Investment Guide

Swale is a district in Kent, named after the narrow channel called The Swale, a channel that separates the mainland of Kent from the Isle of Sheppey and which occupies the central part of the district.

There are four towns in the borough, Sittingbourne and Faversham on the mainland, with Sheerness and Queenborough being located on Sheppey Island.

The area’s population increased by 10% between the last two censuses.