Singapore Property Investors: Is it time to grab a UK deal?

Brett Alegre-Wood
September 4, 2020

Hey guys so I just want to give a big shout out to my Singapore network because obviously we've been stuck in the circuit breaker now I've actually been stuck since the 14th of March which is my birthday, so yeah I literally have was in did 14 days self isolation I didn't have to but i did it because I got the kids and that and literally since then we've been on full on lockdown since then. But it has been good i've been running every day it's been fantastic from that perspective.

But look guys what I wanted to chat to you guys about specifically is the opportunities that are starting to come to play now in the UK marketplace Make no mistake developers right now have got it pretty good yeah they're not dumping their stock they're none of that there's none of this fire sales so it's not like oh great i'm gonna get 50 off that's not gonna happen.

Things are actually looking pretty good in the UK okay as much as from a virus perspective it's been horrible they screwed it up massively yeah you know when you look at Singapore and you look at what the UK it's just no comparison and I you know i'm glad i've got the kids here and all that the family here and uh you know we love it we're out on the east coast and you know fantastic.

If you are looking at deals if you want to get involved now is no better time to start talking to the team and really start thinking about what it is you want to do and what you know if you want to expand your portfolio and that sort of stuff the banks have funding you know everything's working really really well from a market perspective from a local market perspective in the UK there's lots of supply coming to the market there's going to be much more deals coming and what i'm what i'm saying a lot now is that the smart money's already starting to come in. We've got about 60 million of funds um that is looking for deals okay now it's not in a hurry to get deals but what it is doing is trying to get the deals ready so the words out so when the deals do come they're the first to snap it up and so if you want to be involved in that now's the time to be chatting to the team and that goes for you know if whether it's Singapore, Hong Kong any asian guys or in fact in the UK as well you know any of our investors um but I just thought i'd record a little  you know Singapore one but anyway guys hopefully you're staying safe staying healthy probably still at home because phase one of the lockdown or the opening up wasn't really that much of an opening up but we got one of the kids at school the other three are still at home.

It's all good we've been and it's been quite an interesting time for from family perspective so yeah but yeah guys if you're interested by all means get in touch either with myself or the team and we're happy to chat through about what opportunities we're speaking about there may not be opportunities right now we may be saying look hold fire because I reckon within the next probably two or three months most definitely we'll start to see those deals start to flow certainly as the furlough starts to diminish which is the government's support program but yeah it's looking looking quite good for deals you know and I think now is the time to really be going after that all right guys have a great day live with passion and speak soon see you bye


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