Make Property Social, Share Your Journey 

Our Property Forum is run by Rant Education, a leading provider of property education and support and overseen by our Founder, Brett Alegre-Wood. 

Once completing our on-boarding call with one of our team you can join our Facebook group and interact with other investors. 

Being Social and sharing your journey is a key part of what you will learn on your way to to success. There will be ups and downs along the way, it's much easy to have somewhere to share them. 

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This is our invite-only private community for investors that have joined the Property Ranters Academy and have been fully approved through our on-boarding process.

It’s a place to learn, connect & share successes. 


1. Watch the four videos in the 'Getting Started' module in the Academy.

2. All questions must be sent here =>

3. Don’t post links to ANY external websites or articles.



Firstly, browse our wall. Draw from the progress updates, successes & experiences. You’ll learn so much about property and the people who are on this journey with you. As you will see we have an amazing community of like-minded, professional action-takers. 



Next, write a professional, positive & engaging ‘hello’ post:

- Introduce yourself

- Share your story

- Share your ‘reasons why’

This will help our community get to know, like & trust you (helpful in forming a Property Ranters mastermind).

After that, your next posts should be compelling ‘Major Progress Updates’ (only when you have finished the 'Getting Started' Academy).



It can be lonely building a business. That’s why it’s important to have the right people around you…to help you through the tough times, and to celebrate the good times with.

It's not often that you can access a curated global community of like-minded professionals. This "collective mind" has enormous power...if you use it wisely. 

Our members are incredibly supportive...but like any great community you get out of it what you put in.



1) Be Kind

2) Be Positive

3) Be Respectful



In terms of ‘Rules’…you’re smart enough to know the deal. In short, always act in the best interests of our community and you’ll be fine. 


1. No spam

2. No religious or political references

3. No negative or self-deprecating comments

4. Don’t discuss personal activities or medical history

5. All questions, queries & requests must be sent to


If your post or comment does not add value or is unrelated to building a property business it will be deleted. 

We have a one-strike-and-you're-out-policy. This is not something we like to enforce, however we are VERY protective of our community and all the good people that make it up.

Not sure if something is appropriate to post? Send us an email first.

By joining our community, you agree to the above. If you don’t, please remove yourself from this group now.

Again, welcome to the Ranters family! 


We are dedicated to helping good people do great things in their lives by building a property business.


Live with passion and fun,

'Chief Ranter'


PS…remember, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. The calibre & commitment of our students is extraordinary. So reach-out, connect, meet and build your property businesses together.

IMPORTANT: Please note that student support is only available once you have been fully approved into The Ranters Academy following an on-boarding call with a member of our team.