How to Make Property Investment... Effortlessly Done For You!

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  • NO TIME: If you just can't seem to FIND the TIME to work on your property portfolio, and your progress has ground to a HALT...
  • DOING IT ALONE: If you are working through your property journey by YOURSELF, and can't seem to find the RIGHT people to support you as you go through the process.
  • OVERWHELM: If you're struggling with the sheer VOLUME of information, and are trying to find a CLEAR and focused pathway to buying and managing a portfolio.
  • PROPERTY SIDE HUSTLE IS BECOMING ANOTHER JOB: It's a lot easier following a proven path. 
  • BOMBARDED WITH DEALS: Don't know which is best... Learn the dangers of a DEAL HUNTER approach and why you need a PORTFOLIO STRATEGIST approach.

Every Wednesday
530pm London GMT

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What You Will Learn On This Webinar

We Will Cover Everything You Need To Know About Overcoming Your Biggest Success Killers.

  • How to be a "Rich Investor" not a "Poor Landlord" - using a Set & Forget Strategy
  • The Pro's and Con's of Do-It-Yourself and Done-For-You approaches
  • Why you must Start with a Portfolio Strategist for better results, less risk and why you should run from Deal Hunters.
  • Why The Rules of the Game are the key to success in a given strategy
  • What are your Strategy Options and which ones suit your Investor Mentality Best.
  • Brett's market predictions for the next few years and how they will affect your strategy and property selection.
  • The Secret to Picking the market before the media, experts and market does
  • The Simple 5 Step Research & Property Selection Process which takes very little of your time.
  • 3 Case Studies - of Successful Investors who overcame challenges and 1 Who Knew Better.

Every Wednesday
530pm London GMT

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Property Investment... Effortlessly Done For You!