Weekly Livestream Webinar Series

London & UK Market Update Live Webinar

Every Wednesday 1230pm London GMT
830pm Singapore/Hong Kong/Perth

London & UK Property Market Updates and Q&A

Weekly Livestream Webinar Series

Live Online Training Event (Open to All)

Join this live online training session with Brett Alegre-Wood if you...

  • NO TIME: If you just can't seem to FIND the TIME to keep up to date with the market...
  • DOING IT ALONE: If your bombarded with media opinions that don't really express the interests of property investors. 
  • OVERWHELM: If you're overwhelmed with 100s of different opinions and none of them really make sense.
  • SELF INTEREST: If you can't help but think that the media, politicians and economists are only thinking about themselves. 
  • SALESMANSHIP IN DISGUISE: Can't help but think that you're being sold snake-oil at every corner.
Every Wednesday 1230pm London GMT
830pm Singapore/Hong Kong/Perth

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What You Will Learn On This Webinar

Brett Alegre-Wood Will Cover Everything You Need To Know About The Current Property Market in London and across the UK.

  • Current Comments made by all political parties on Property Policy.
  • Which area are hottest, which are upcoming, which are being regenerated and which are well... let's just say run away... run away!
  • How Your Strategy Should Change 
  • How the Economics is likely to play out
  • Predictions of the upcoming market - Where I got it right and where I learnt lessons. 
  • Big Picture Thinking - Where are we heading and why it matters. 
  • How Property investors Should adjust their Strategy in Light Of Proposed Changes.
  • The Simple 5 Step Research & Property Selection Process which takes very little of your time.
  • Future Casting - Each session will have a section of the future of property and investing.
Every Wednesday 1230pm London GMT
830pm Singapore/Hong Kong/Perth