Property Webinar Series and Q&A

Property Webinar: Where You Should Invest In 2021 & House Price Predictions... 

Wednesday 26th January 2020
5pm London GMT.

Property Webinar: What will 2021 bring for property investors...

Live Online Training Event (Open to All)

Join this live online Property Webinar with Brett, Ritesh and Dan if you...

  • NO TIME: If you just can't seem to FIND the TIME to keep up to date with the market...
  • DOING IT ALONE: If your bombarded with media opinions that don't really express the interests of property investors. 
  • OVERWHELM: If you're overwhelmed with 100s of different opinions and none of them really make sense.
  • SELF INTEREST: If you can't help but think that the media, politicians and economists are only thinking about themselves. 
  • SALESMANSHIP IN DISGUISE: Can't help but think that you're being sold snake-oil at every corner.
Wednesday 8th
September 2021
5pm London GMT

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Brett Alegre-Wood Property Webinar Presenter

Brett Alegre-Wood
Founder Ezytrac/Gladfish Property

Ritesh Patel Director of New Homes Gladfish Ezytrac

Ritesh Patel
New Homes Director
Ezytrac Property Group

Dan Varnaseri Associate Director of New Homes Gladfish Ezytrac

Dan Varnaseri
Portfolio Director

Ryan Rahnavard Associate Director of New Homes Gladfish Ezytrac

Ryan Rahnavard
Investment Director

What You Will Learn On This Property Webinar

Brett, Ritesh, Ryan and Dan Will Cover Everything You Need to Know For Property Investing in 2021.

Where To Invest in 2021 in Property!

UK Market Update and Property Price Predictions for 2021

  • Current Comments made by all political parties on Property Policy.
  • The 2 Dampeners that will save us from big drops in House Prices.
  • How Your Strategy Should Change In Light of Covid. 
  • How the Economics is likely to play out
  • How Property investors Should adjust their Strategy in Light Of Proposed Changes.
  • How the AI, Big Data, Automation is likely to play out for Property Investors.
  • Future Casting - Each session will have a section of the future of property and investing.
  • What is the biggest threat to individual investors and have we seen the last of compliance, taxation
Wednesday 8th
September 2021
5pm London GMT