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Gladfish New Investor Live Training Property Webinar

Making Property Investment, Effortlessly Done For You!

Dan Ritesh Ryan

Live Online Training Event (New Signups)

Join this live online training session if you...

  • NO TIME: If you just can't seem to FIND the TIME to work on your property portfolio, and your progress has ground to a HALT...
  • DOING IT ALONE: If you are working through your property journey by YOURSELF, and can't seem to find the RIGHT people to support you as you go through the process.
  • OVERWHELM: If you're struggling with the sheer VOLUME of information, and are trying to find a CLEAR and focused pathway to buying and managing a portfolio.
  • PROPERTY SIDE HUSTLE IS BECOMING ANOTHER JOB: It's a lot easier following a proven path. 
  • BOMBARDED WITH DEALS: Don't know which is best... Learn the dangers of a DEAL HUNTER approach and why you need a PORTFOLIO STRATEGIST approach.

Making Property Investment... Effortlessly Done For You!

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What You Will Learn On This Webinar

The Team Will Cover Everything You Need To Know About Overcoming Your Biggest Success Killers.

  • How to be a "Rich Investor" not a "Poor Landlord" - using a Set & Forget Strategy
  • The Pro's and Con's of Do-It-Yourself and Done-For-You approaches
  • Why you must Start with a Portfolio Strategist for better results, less risk and why you should run from Deal Hunters.
  • Why The Rules of the Game are the key to success in a given strategy
  • What are your Strategy Options and which ones suit your Investor Mentality Best.
  • Brett's market predictions for the next few years and how they will affect your strategy and property selection.
  • The Secret to Picking the market before the media, experts and market does
  • The Simple 5 Step Research & Property Selection Process which takes very little of your time.
  • 3 Case Studies - of Successful Investors who overcame challenges and 1 Who Knew Better.

Property Investment... Effortlessly Done For You!