My 3 Rich Dads and how their lessons can help you build a portfolio

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 3, 2020

Kiyosaki had 2... I am Fortunate to have 3 Rich Dads

It was the late 1990s I was beginner on the property investor stage, sure I’d worked as an estate agent but in all honesty besides showing people through property and pressing their emotional button and giving them creative descriptions of a property I wasn’t an investor, yes I had a couple of properties but I was thankfully still under the guidance of two mentors.

Robert Kiyosaki called them his Rich Dad and Poor Dad… Maybe I was fortunate to have 3 Dad’s.


Real Dad #1

There was my real Dad #1 he was a successful business owner. But always worked 2 jobs. He worked hard and to be fair he and Mum had done well for themselves, they didn’t start with anything so to build up to a modest 4 or 5 house portfolio was great for them. They had a good life but never really got over the ‘work hard’ mentality. They work less now but still work hard. Retirement, I guess, doesn’t really suit them.

They taught me, amongst many things, about leverage your time and the time of others.

The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!

Rich Dad #2

Then there was my Rich Dad #2 who was a great salesman and a true investor he had build a insurance business then flipped into a mortgage business.

I learnt so much from him about doing deals and being creative in my approach to making money and building a portfolio. He also worked hard but for a large part the business ran itself.

Rich Dad #3

Finally, there was Rich Dad #3 who was very successful, realistically he needn’t have worked another day in his life, he had what would be not one but several passive income businesses including property.

He taught me about strategy, finding one, learning the rules of the game and sticking to it regardless of what others are claiming to be doing or offering around you.

Disappointingly, I was too young and immature at the time to see this lesson and it took be several reality checks to get before I nailed it.

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The 3 Lessons from my Dads

I hope that over the time we spend together that I can pass these 3 lessons to you (and many more):

1. Real Dad #1 Lesson - How to ensure that you don’t have to keep working for your money. This goes beyond the passive income hype.

2. Rich Dad #2 Lesson - Find a way, Be creative and over time you will succeed. 

3. Rich Dad #3 Lesson - Find a strategy, learn the rules of game and pig-doggedly stick to them

I still regularly catch up with all all three mentors some 20 years on and they still teach me stuff whenever we meet. It’s always a good sense check.

Live with passion and fun... and great dads,



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