9 Biggest Trends & Predictions for 2022

So the 9 Biggest Trends and Predictions you will see developing in 2022 are not just about property and investment. 

There are so many macro changes happening at an ever faster pace it's important to at least see these trends for what they are... Opportunity.

Video Transcription

1. The Great Resignation (I prefer Realisation)

First trend is the great resignation are actually what I like to call the Great realisation I think the great resignation is takes a very negative spin on it. Whereas I think it's actually a really positive thing. And the positive thing is this, I think lots of people are coming to the realisation that corporate jobs and corporate careers and working for a, a company, a large company, small company, whatever, is not working for them. So whereas before, for the last 50 years, and even beyond that, we've put the company first and our career first, I think what we've done is we've turned that on the head now. And we're starting to put what's important to ourselves and our lifestyle and our family, you know, first, and then we're sort of going right, what job fits into that lifestyle. And I think, you know, we're just at the start of this, but I think we're going to start to see more and more of this, of course, the young, very easy to, you know, adopt that and very easy to pivot into that. Whereas when you're a bit older, you got kids, houses, mortgages, lifestyles, pensions, all this sort of stuff, you know, it's a little bit harder to just to go, you know, what, screw the job, I'm out. So I think that will happen. But I think it'll happen a little bit longer. I think that's the next 10, 20 30 years as automation and technology, and crypto blockchain, all these things start to come into their own. So you know, there really is, you know, the the industrial age, the information age, and now it's calling the social revolution, if you like, there's a lot of change happening. And this great resignation, or great realisation is that we should be putting ourselves first we shouldn't be a slave to I think, if you're an employee, okay, hiring people, you know, working or having those businesses, then I think it's really important that you provide something that keeps people some glue that keeps them into the job, we keep some passionate when we're coming back, it may be more money. Yeah. But actually, I think most people are realising that it's not the money that makes them happy. It's the other things is the feeling, I want to go to work, you know, good work environment, you know, perks, you know, maybe Corporate Social Responsibility type things, you know, whatever that is to make it right. That's what this great realisation is about, I think we're gonna see more and more of that.

2. US Vs China

So number two, is US versus China. You know, it's always been us versus China, east versus West. Yeah, this conflict in had it's been growing and Attention, attention attention. But the reality is, I don't think either country debt, or any of their allies can afford to go to a third world war type scenario. And I don't think anyone wants that. And I think if politicians push that, I think they're going to get out there, the war machine has had its day. And I think to be fair, yeah, there'll be around for a long time yet. But I think people are starting to realise that that's not the life they want. And I think the change in perspective here is that US and China is not us versus China. It's a competition, not a conflict. So the inevitable outcome is not world war three, actually, the inevitable outcome? Is that as consumers, yeah, we've got to choose whether we go and buy an American made or a Chinese made, you know, or whether our, you know, our phone, you know, but the and it's not even that it's at every level. Now, will there be this great firewall between, you know, you've got to choose that or that be can't be on both? Well, no, I think there's places like Singapore that are capable of straddling both. And being a both. And that's why I think, if it was a conflict, you'd have to choose. But I think places like Singapore, and all these sort of places saying, don't make me choose here, don't make me choose. You know, at the end of the day, I've got military ties, you know, and alliances with the US and their partners. And I've also got economic and social and deeply ingrained relationships that go back a long time before the US with China. So don't make me choose. And I think that's what will drive this. And I think the competition is the thing. So US and China warfare is, you know, people will the narrative for the news will be conflict, actually, it's about competition. It's about two opposing views, you know, and basically making both or both of them making themselves look good. And I think if you see it that way, then you have a much more positive thing on life. And I think a lot of this stuff is all about up here. It's how you view the world that actually determines the outcomes and how you feel and I think stress will come if you're constantly thinking where conflict on the edge of world war three or that change is bad and you can't get a grip of what's going on. Yeah, that's where stress comes. That's not what you want. Yeah. realisation is all about de stressing about choosing lifestyle over what is perceived as a stressful thing.

3. The Great Reset

So number three is the great reset. Now I got hammered last year. When I saw the video and I put a video, not going down the conspiracy theory route and saying, actually, you know, you will own nothing and be happy for it. Yeah, actually, I think is a great thing. I think we're already seeing this, and we're already embracing this, you know, it ended a,
I have Uber, I have grab in Asia, I have, you know, delivery deliver rules and things like this, you know, at the end of day, I don't have to own it, in order to be able to enjoy it. You know, my phone. I mean, we've been doing this for phones for years. You know, phones are two grand, but actually, if you pay that off over two years, and the company finances it, you get a better phone. Yeah. So we're already seeing a lot of this, you know, you'll own nothing and be happy for it. Now, does that mean as property investors or business owners that should be actually sitting there going? Well, actually, I just want anything I'll sell everything up? No, I think actually, there is a lot more choice, there is a lot more lifestyle, there is a lot more benefits in having ownership of certain things like capital, appreciating assets, like property, you know, and I think that actually is a still a drive and still a motivator, as with anything. And I think really, again, this comes down to what is your belief, you can go down the conspiracy theory side of things to say, this is all terrible, and the surveillance state and all these sort of concepts, which are absolutely correct, you know, we are being surveilled a lot more. And we are being asked about it. We are, you know, democracy has failed in that, you know, it's allowing people to choose because they're getting less and less choice. But then the alternative is communism, has that actually survived? Has that actually proven itself? Not really, the problem is, is that human nature is that powerful people will move up the ranks, and they will want more and more power, more and more control. And I think that's just human nature. That's not democracy or communism or anything like that. I think that's the reality here.

4. BlockChain, Crypto, NFTs and DeFy (Decentralised Finance)

So number four is again, a bit controversial too. You know, people love it. People hate it. They hate central governments hate it. You know, that actually, young guys now jumping on this, you know, Blockchain crypto, NF T's defy decentralised finance, these concepts are not going away. So the sooner you embrace them, and learn about them, the sooner you will move from being a dinosaur in your thinking, to actually embracing the opportunity that this presents now I'm not saying go out and buy bitcoin. I'm not saying get into the tokens and the NF T's and that sort of stuff. That's not what this is about. This is about the trend towards blockchain decentralised storage information, transparency, access to it on the blockchain, so anyone can see it. There's no hiding behind a centralised server. Yeah, but also, the control is given out to everybody. I mean, I think Zuckerberg has already lost, you know, with with meta has already lost the metaverse. You know, I think he come far too late, you know, 3456789 10 years. Who knows how long late? Yeah, he doesn't control it, even though he might like to present that narrative. I think very quickly, and already he's starting to realise that it's a lot harder and it's already decentralised. So therefore decentralised goes against blockchain goes against the metaverse goes against what it is about, or what is about now goes against what he's selling. Yeah. So I think we'll start to see that was potentially a failed venture. And let's face it, you know, Facebook is no longer the platform that everyone's on, you know, it went to Instagram. It went, you know,
I mean, now we're talking about tick tock, it has been the place to be, you know, and this is this goes more than this because this is businesses in general. So blockchain crypto big massive thing, look into it, you know, and start to get to now I spent three months where I basically did my you know, I did a yesterday for three months, wherever it took me I said yes, trading cards, NF T's, you know, de fi wallets, you know, crypto, you know, tokens, all this sort of stuff, you know, staking things that most people haven't even heard of, because they're still listening to the narrative of the government at all. It's very dangerous. It's only where criminals are. No, it is where a massive portion of programming time is being applied right now. And that has already started to change the way businesses work and the way the world works, and that will become more and more thing as we go on.

5. Technology is Deflationary

Number five is technology is deflationary technology is impacting every single thing and this goes back to the crypto, this goes back to the great realisation technology is causing us all to be super connected hyperconnectivity 5G All these things But the wonderful thing about that is it's deflationary. So even though we're going to talk about number seven, inflation The reality is technology is hugely deflationary. Now, think about this. We used to buy a thing of Microsoft Word for 79 bucks and we keep it for probably five or six years. Now we pay a per month fee and They just add features to it each month, maybe not each month, maybe every three months, or six months or 12 months. Okay, depending on what is. But the world has changed. Yeah. So now there's no value in a piece of software that's five years old. Yeah, it's not worth anything, because the technology is changing and the things that are adding to it. So unless your software, you know, is constantly evolving, you're going to get left behind. And that's the amazing thing, technology is hugely deflationary, which means that governments can print this money, yeah, to a degree, and they've got this deflationary thing happening, alright, but it's also going to feed into technology through automation, which means that jobs are going to be lost, but then that feeds into the great realisation is that people don't want to work for big companies, you know, it's about their BPO, that the outsourcing of things to the Philippines and to India, and Vietnam, and all these sort of places. So there's a lot of this sort of stuff going on. Number six, is the recession. 

Okay? Now this is, you know, the first five will be pitcher type things, now we're going to get more and more down into the nitty gritty of where things are at and where they're likely to go in 2022. Now, the first five, absolutely, and have a huge impact in 22. But they are going to be 10 years, 20 years, 30 years impact things. So 6789 is more about this year 2022. And obviously, you know, I work in Australia, I work in Singapore, I work in the UK, you know, and I've sort of got my you know, and in a bit of everything.

6. Recession is 50%/50%

 So what I talk about this has a bit to do with this those areas, mainly, so recession, for me, there's a 5050 chance of recession, we may already be going into the recession. So since stock market drops in crypto dropped the same, you know, that sort of unease about the marketplace, I don't think we're gonna go into a huge recession. If we do, I think there's still a lot of money sloshing around. I think, even if we do big government's likely to stimulate, which means pretty more money, I know, which means more inflation, you know, the likeliest ignite because it works so well through the COVID crisis. Now, you'll note that I haven't actually none of the my points today are about COVID. Because I think COVID To a large degree, unless we get another strand that is hugely deadly, I think is largely going to become less and less of a problem for the world, I think the world is going to be opening back up. And those places that don't open back up, will suffer and are suffering. So recession, for me is a 5050. You know, specifically in the UK, I think it's probably less likely that it was because there's huge savings, because businesses are very lean, because there's a lot of things that COVID has created, where actually that's good for business. So for me, it's probably whilst I think it's a 5050 worldwide and various countries in the US and things like that, I think actually, it's probably about 30% chance of a recession in the UK, inflation is number seven.

7. Inflation Is Everywhere

So inflation, inflation is everywhere. Now, inflation has been around since they went off the gold standard effectively, and there's no chance of that going back the government's now we're addicted to, you know, free money and printing money. And they've realised just how much they can do that, you know, America leading the way, you know, now, I mean that the debt is just growing and growing and growing, but they're just literally printing continue to print more money. Sure, they're gonna roll it back, which may cause the the recession. But inflation is here that as I mentioned, technology is deflationary, that will offset it a bit. But I think the real thing here with the inflation rate going up, and it could be 6% to be 5%. You know, in the UK, they're saying two or 3%, you know, for a year and then drop back down.
I think real inflation is a lot more than that. You know, I think we've seen that in our bills. And that, but I think the issue is, is you've got to watch your wages. And you'll see how that affects you. But I think the other thing is, is businesses will push more and more up automation. So again, feeding back into number five, which is the technology side of things.

8. Property Values

Number eight is property values. Look property values for me. You know, they've had growth over the last year because there was so much money pumped in the economy, and that money had to end up somewhere and where it ended up in its shares, stocks and property. Yeah, so that's starting to taper off now. But I still think there's a good chance of property growth. And I think, somewhere between I reckon about plus 5% is where I'm looking at. And I think part of it is, is because I think in the areas that aren't going to grow much.

9. London and Major Cities will Come Back

They won't, but London will come back in and that's number nine is London returns the growth. And if London returns growth, those house prices make up a higher proportion. So it's more likely lift the average. So even though I don't think it's going to be a massive year, this year, I think it's still going to be good year. Now obviously we have a recession, what you could see is a minus 10%. Okay, that then what will happen is London bounce back relatively quickly. And I think that's when you know, other places besides bounce back. Now when I say other places bounce back. I think they're going to be major cities, the places for the best fundamentals, places that don't have the best fundamentals. We'll probably drop and sit around there. Okay? So if you're sitting in an area where you know that the fundamentals aren't great, then you better have a really good yield on your property and understand that your investment is a yield play, not a capital play. So the capital will be reserved for the cities and the you know, good commuter towns and things like that. So great resignation US and China in a great reset blockchain crypto NF T's d phi technology deflationary recession, inflation, property values, and London returns growth, you know, nine things, trends and predictions that I think you're gonna see come to play more and more and I'll be talking about these a lot more. 

So, you know, by all means, jump on the channel, subscribe. And you know, and and obviously, we'll you know, keep coming from a property investor and entrepreneurs perspective. So guys have a great day and live with passion and we'll see you soon. So guys, if you've got any ideas or questions that you'd like me to do videos on, please just email webinars@Gladfish.com And I'm happy to then record videos and I'm always looking for content, I'm always looking for content that you guys want. So by all means, put it in the comments as we go through and you know, more than happy to look at that and then do some research and come back with my take on things. But I think you know, at the end of day, you know, this is about you know, for me, I want to grow the channel I want to grow the you know, our presence, so you know, more feedback and give me the better. So I'm always on the comments. I'm always answering that personally. And yet, look forward to chatting soon. Bye.

Brett Alegre-Wood
February 7, 2022

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