Are you getting hoodwinked by Brexit?

Video Transcription: 

Hi, guys. So just keeping on the Brexit theme, I wanted to sort of give a little bit of my perspective on things. Because I think when you're caught up in the whole thing of Brexit, and you're caught up in what's happening and what's going on, you can get really engrossed in all the negative side of it. And the reality is, you know, there's a whole nother side to things.

Actually, that's interesting, I'm sitting here at the kids' playground. The kids are in the background playing. You know, and the interesting thing is if you look at the kids they don't know anything about Brexit. They have no concept of what's going on. And so many people, you know, they're getting on with their lives, you know. They have got no knowledge and they don't care about Brexit, they are just living their life.

I think the problem we have, and especially as property professionals and investors and things like that, is we can be so engrossed in the fact that, you know, Brexit is here, and how bad it's going to be, and how negative it's gonna be, and reading all the headlines, that I think, actually, you can talk yourself into becoming a pretty cynical person.

And I think the key here is, you know, you've got to take whatever's said in the media and the news and whatever, fair enough. But I think the reality is don't let that guide every one of your decisions. You've still gotta get on with life, you know. And I think with Brexit, yes it is a big deal, and yes it is a major, life-impacting economy, and, you know, historical event. Okay.

But I think the reality behind it is that it's not actually gonna be that bad. Life is still gonna go on. Kids are still gonna play on the playground. We're still gonna have to get up and eat, well, two or three meals depending on if you're intermittent fasting or whatever diet you're on for that matter at the moment. You know, life still goes on. And life will still go on after Brexit.

So actually, the real question about Brexit is not about whether it's going to be a dog's breakfast or whether Theresa May's gonna be in next year. It's gonna be more about how you dealt with it in your portfolio and in your life and how much it affected you.

And I think the interesting thing is, is some people I know are thinking the whole world is gonna turn to crap. And this is exactly what I saw prior to if you remember Y2K for those that are old enough, you know, the year 2000. All the computers were gonna shut down, planes were gonna fall out of the sky. You know, it was a massive, massive negative. And everyone was talking about how it was all gonna turn to crap and we all had to, you know, upgrade our computers and do all these patches. You know, and the reality was it happened and nothing happened.

And I think that is what's gonna happen. And for me, you know, I'm still talking pretty robust about the economy. I think things are doing pretty well. Yes, I do think we're at that stage in the cycle where, you know, there is gonna be some slow down. You know, London's been having it, we'll see it ripple through. So, you know there are some things like that in the background that we need to consider.

But I think the overall thing is that life goes on. So don't let it affect you too much. Get on with life. Work out how it can affect you, and certainly, you know, make some plans for the downside. But don't, you know, throw the baby out with the bathwater as they say. You know, get focused on what the life is you wanna lead. Set those goals, get those goals, and achieve those goals.

And you know what? Brexit will come and pass, and the Y2K bug passed, and all those sorts of, you know, these major life events that we're gonna be turmoil and, you know, turn to absolute crap and actually didn't. And I think that's how Brexit will be.

So, you know, that's my perspective. If you don't agree with me if you agree with me, you know, subscribe, comment down below, and I'll be happy to, you know, have a bit of a discussion. You know, whether that be heated or whether that be is because it really is a polarizing thing, this Brexit. And, you know, I love it. It's a great chance for people to actually express what they think.

You know, does it matter what I think as an individual? Probably not really. Collectively does it matter? Yeah, okay. But, hey, subscribe, comment, and I'll look forward to chatting with you soon. Okay, guys. Have a great day. Live with passion.

Brett Alegre-Wood
November 7, 2018

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