Banks get richer at investors expense

Brett Alegre-Wood
September 1, 2009

Investment News - Banks increase profit margins

Welcome to this week's investment news. Today, we uncover just how much the banks are making from us as we're told of their increased profit margins. We'll compare SVR (see investment news here) to LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offered Rate) and work out exactly how little benefits they've passed on to us.

One economist spoke up to tell us why she predicts a painful end to the good times. Find out why she thinks public money would be better spent on topping up household wages rather than spending billions more in rescuing the banks.

Finally, could the worst be yet to come? Let's take a look at why economists are still pessimistic about the market and why the public is happy and smiling contrary to that? And is the world economy finally bouncing out of recession?

My thoughts for the week is that off plan is definitely starting to make you money not just in the banks. If you want to buy off plan than now is the time. As always if you have any questions or want to have a chat about current opportunities call the team on +44 (0)207 923 6100 or

Live with Passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood


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