Buy to Let Guide – A gas leak could ruin your whole day, and perhaps longer

Landlord and gas leak appliances the most important responsibilities

I have had quite a fun week, actually Arlene may not quite agree with me as we apparently could have been blown up by the gas leak.

Let me explain:

Our gas stove was leaking, we had no idea about gas leaks but we had organised the gas inspector to come and take a look. He was surprised that the house was still standing as a large amount of gas was sitting behind the stove and well in his own words ‘one spark and goodbye roof!'

Anyway that has prompted this blog. I thought that I would summarise your requirements as a buy to let landlord:

  • A new certificate must be conducted every 12 months from the previous certificate
  • The inspector must be on the Gas Safe register, you can use this website to verify
  • You cannot delegate your responsibility to the tenant or managing agent, so don't believe anyone that says it's done until you see a certificate from a Gas Safe engineer
  • If the tenant refuses you entry to conduct the test this still does not absolve you of responsibility. You must document this and must arrange to use the courts to gain access. You cannot force your way in.
  •  If a tenant or managing agent complains about gas leak to you make sure that you jump on it immediately. Even though you have a Gas Safety Certificate that's two weeks old you need to check it out
  •  If you fail to conduct the Gas Safety and something happens you can face going to jail and receive an unlimited fine.

So what's the answer?

Well if you are using YPC Lettings you are fine – we take care of all this for you and more! In addition to this I have asked Josie and Rosemary to go through every single property we have ever sold and contact clients to ensure they are sorted. We have arranged a flat fee of £75 anywhere is the country to get the Gas Safety Certificate so even if you aren't using Gladfish we can arrange this. It includes us scanning and sending you a copy of it and also reminding you a month before the certificate is up next year.

This is one of those things that even I must admit to have been very relaxed about, that was until my little reality check. If gas leak has jogged your memory then please call the guys on +44 (0)207 923 6100 and have them arrange your certificate.

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood

PS. I am currently writing blogs about your Electrical Safety Certificate, Portable Appliance Tests, Home Information Packs – even though the HIP is a terrible idea and a waste of time.

Brett Alegre-Wood
March 20, 2010


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