Buy to Let Investment: Do Apartments Grow in Value?

In a recent conversation we had with a client, a common misconception surfaced about investing in apartments versus houses. The client was hesitant to invest in apartments, believing they didn't appreciate in value like houses do. This belief stemmed from a friend's experience who had purchased an apartment and saw no growth in its value.

Understanding Property Value Growth

The core issue here wasn't the type of property—apartment or house—but rather its location. The friend's apartment was situated far from employment hubs, transport links, and lacked inward investment, essentially "out in the sticks." This scenario underscores a critical lesson in property investment: the importance of location.

The Importance of Location

When considering property investment, focusing on areas with solid fundamentals is key. Look for neighborhoods with schools, shops, transport links, major employers, and signs of major investments. Properties in such areas are more likely to appreciate in value and generate higher rents. It's not just about the property itself but where it's located that determines its potential for growth.

Timing and Market Trends

Another dimension to successful property investment is timing and understanding market trends. For instance, in cities like Manchester and Birmingham, there's been a noticeable increase in new build (BL) property sales compared to secondhand ones over the last few years. This shift indicates a growing demand among young professionals for properties that offer convenience and lifestyle—proximity to work, transport connections, and leisure activities like bars and restaurants.

The Rise of City Center Living

This trend towards city center living highlights a market shift favoring apartments that cater to the desires of the modern urbanite. The young professionals' preference for this lifestyle drives demand for apartments in strategic locations, proving that with the right factors in play, apartments can indeed be lucrative investments.

Navigating Property Investment: Key Takeaways

The conversation with my client revealed a critical insight: the success of a property investment hinges more on its location and alignment with market trends than on the type of property. By choosing properties in areas with strong fundamentals and understanding the current demands of potential tenants, investors can give their investments the best chance for growth and profitability.

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Brett Alegre-Wood
February 8, 2024

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