Crossrail Hotspots: Best Areas to Invest

Crossrail Property Investment Opportunities

Crossrail has the potential to transform specific areas along its route. The economic impact is already being seen. Journey times across London and into key employment locations will be slashed, The need for more homes is boosting regeneration projects, particularly near Crossrail stations. Where's the best area to invest near Crossrail?

Crossrail is creating opportunity

‘Crossrail’ may sound like the title of a book from the children’s classic ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ series, but for savvy property investors it could be the property investment opportunity of a lifetime. Crossrail has the potential to transform locations along its route. The economic impact is already being seen. Thousands of jobs have been created already, and Crossrail is expected to support hundreds of thousands of new jobs for 20 years or so and journey times will be slashed across London and into key employment locations, congestion on public transport routes will be eased, and the visionary objectives of the Victorians will finally be realised – and not before time.

Crossrail will drastically reduce journey times into central London and across its East-to-West route. This will make commuting easier and quicker. Locations further out from the heart of the capital will become more attractive. The need for more homes will boost regeneration projects, particularly near to Crossrail stations. It’s already clear that many of these locations will be investment hotspots as we move towards and beyond Crossrail becoming operational from 2018. Infrastructure is one of the key property fundamentals that drive profitability of property investment. We’ve rarely been so excited by the potential of a large-scale infrastructure project to create so many of the best places to invest in property UK – especially in such a condensed geography and time frame.

Brett's thoughts on Crossrail

I love infrastructure build, and when it comes to massive transport projects with the ability to transform the social and economic fabric of communities, they don’t get much bigger or more significant than Crossrail. Crossrail is going to unlock economic potential, support future growth, and deliver development and investment opportunities now and in the future. Early-stage investment will produce the highest potential of above-average capital gain.

Developers usually have their finger on the pulse of potential, and with Crossrail they’re feeling it beat hard and fast. There has been huge competition for the opportunity to be lead developer and to secure development land. I’ll remind you what Land Securities said about Crossrail and its impact: “Crossrail will have a positive effect in the long term. It has already changed our views on development investment and property acquisitions in areas along the route.

While it’s certainly true that around 57,000 new homes will be created within a 1 kilometre radius of Crossrail stations, the increase in values that have already been experienced could push valuations through the roof. The locations we’ve identified are key locations on the Crossrail route. Each has unique aspects that offer you exceptional opportunity right now.

We’ve been researching and reviewing, and negotiating to uncover the precise developments with the best developers that will yield the best returns for investors. I have to agree with the JLL assessment – property in these locations has the potential to outperform their baselines by incredible margins. There are some housebuilders that have shunned less popular locations on this list – for example, Slough, Southall, and Abbey Wood. There could be some real surprise packages among our investment opportunities we're weighing up at the moment. That’s where we come in. Contact us to discover what exclusive offmarket deals in the best places to invest for Crossrail we have, and ask about the rates we’ve negotiated for investors who work with us.

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Brett Alegre-Wood
November 24, 2015

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