Digbeth Economy & Employment: A vibrant business hub for a thriving and young professional population

There is a growing trend of Londoners moving to major cities like Birmingham. This has been further enhanced by Covid and lockdown. In fact even before Covid the trend was growing towards major cities and the best areas within them. Digbeth property investment is an example of the huge opportunity on offer.  With Digbeth economy and employment experiencing a significant growth over the years,  it has become a vibrant business hub for a thriving and young professional population.

If you’re looking for the best place in terms of affordability, convenience, and accessibility to world-class facilities then look no further than Digbeth property investment. It sits right at the heart of Birmingham, Digbeth economy and employment scene is vibrant and thriving, and is easily considered a go-to hotspot for investment. 

The city's population has exploded with a young and growing professional base. In fact, it has become the youngest city in Europe with 69% of Londoners that are under-30 and moving out are choosing Birmingham.

It’s this young, ambitious community that is helping Digbeth economy and employment arena establish itself as one of Birmingham’s buy-to-let hotspots with a professional community, driving the property market and Digbeth property investment in the area.

Digbeth is reaping the benefits of Birmingham’s successful post-Brexit stint, with property prices last year increased by 38% while the average rent continues to grow beyond the £1,342 it hit in 2016. Needless to say, Digbeth is the heart and soul of Birmingham’s golden age of property investment.

Digbeth Property Investment: ‘coolest place to live in the UK’ hailed by the Sunday Times

Digbeth, which was once the industrial heart of the city, is now a hub of creative energy primed for major revamping. It is a lively melting pot of arts, culture, digital business and exciting independent retails, located just five minutes from Bullring and the city-centre.

It is also home to the Birmingham Coach Station and the future HS2 interchange hub at Curzon Street, making the place a flourishing area for young professionals to work and live in. 

Hailed as the ‘coolest place to live in the UK’ by the Sunday Times, it is a key area for Birmingham property investment that is foreseen to experience high levels of capital growth over the next few years, making it a key asset and investment location.

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons why Digbeth property investment is treated as a pot of gold by savvy property investors who are serious about investing in Birmingham, and why you should too.

  1. Travel linkages support Digbeth property investment

Aside from Digbeth sitting just within walking distance of Birmingham New Street Station, a major travel point that opens up rail links to other parts of the UK, Digbeth will undoubtedly become a central hub of connectivity as it is the site of the HS2 interchange at Curzon Street Station and a principal stop in the expansion of the Midlands Metro.

HS2 is set to be completed in 2026 and this will deliver avant-garde travel linkages for Birmingham, especially when you take into account the second city’s affordability. HS2 will put London 49 minutes away while the Midlands Metro expansion will offer direct links to certain destinations in the West Midlands. These factors will make Digbeth an even more attractive choice for London commuters enticed by the richness and vibrancy that Birmingham has to offer.

  1. Digbeth Property Market: Best in capital growth and rental yield in all of Birmingham

Digbeth is an affordable district within the city that has experienced incredible property price growth of 401% in the last 20 years. It is building a bright future with remarkable developments in the timetable that will be bolstered up by Digbeth’s strong cultural ties, independent businesses and rich historical links. 

With the average property price currently sitting at £235,997, Digbeth asking prices have increased by 38% since 2018. Thanks to established links to key transport hubs such as New Street Station, state of the art amenities and a great abundance of employment opportunities in thriving businesses, Digbeth is already achieving some of the highest rental yields in the city. It indeed has all of the qualities that makes it a supreme location for investment. 

Property investment in Digbeth is an attractive prospect compared to more expensive, neighbouring areas. And while they represent affordable prospects now, future developments are sure to drive an increase in rental prices and yields, making it a key consideration for the best place to invest in Birmingham.

  1. A hub for young professionals

Home to a young professional community, Digbeth economy and employment scene has an unprecedented demand for quality residential spaces with convenient proximity to innovative, dynamic workplaces, contributing to the thriving creative quarters on a backdrop of fashionable culture and advanced redevelopment making Digbeth property investment a great choice today.

As mentioned, 69% of Londoners moving out of the city to live in Birmingham are under-30, contributing to the second city’s status as the youngest city in Europe. It’s this youthful, ambitious community that is helping Digbeth establish itself as one of Birmingham’s Buy-to-Let hotspots, driving the property market and property investment in the area.

      4.  Commercial Centre

Birmingham’s business district, which is home to over one million jobs and a number of world-class firms such as HSBC, PwC and HMRC is within walking distance of Digbeth. This setting is ideal for young business or finance professionals that want the affordability it can provide without compromising accessibility or quality of amenities. 

The ‘Big City Plan’ aims to expand the city core, which will allow an extra 50,000 jobs for the region and eventually contribute £2.1 billion to the economy each year. With this, more occupiers will choose Digbeth as their home, joining a number of creative industry names that are already residing in the Custard Factory. This expansion and redevelopment will bring a significant boost in Digbeth economy and employment.

Are you a savvy investor?

Digbeth property investment shows demand that is likely to remain strong and grow. With Digbeth’s population characteristics to support capital growth and sustainable rental yields and HS2 certain to make Digbeth property investment even more attractive to young professionals and families.

A socially affluent and young population appears to be choosing to rent as a lifestyle in Digbeth. Increasingly, tenants will be hunting out properties that offer modern accommodation with lifestyle options on the doorstep. People want to benefit from a good work/life balance. 

Read more about our Digbeth Property Investment Hotspot series below or if you’re interested in running through our local digbeth new build developments chat with the team on 02079236100 or book a time.

Brett Alegre-Wood
July 14, 2021


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