Don’t wait to buy property: buy property and wait

Brett Alegre-Wood
June 30, 2009

Don't wait to buy property, wait to grow

I'm on my official honeymoon in Alaska, and I am thinking property. Terrible.

We had a day trip today to do some “zip-lining” and “canopy walking”. Or if you're Aussie or English it's a ‘flying fox'. It was awesome, and we actually saw a bear on the way.

Sure, eagles, bears, whales, beavers and seals are exciting but what really got me excited was when the bus driver told me that he was waiting to buy property in Ketchikan.

It reminded me of a saying that one of my property mentors used to have: You don't wait to buy property, you simply buy property and wait.


“Buy and hold” is, I believe, based on my own experience and from every successful investor I know, the best and most certain strategy to make money. I'm sure I don't need to give much detail on this. You know it's true, and you all know that NOW is always the best time to buy property.

Ok, I am going to sign off before Arlene finds me writing blogs on my honeymoon.

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Live with passion,
Brett ‘Grizzly' Alegre-Wood


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