Eastside Birmingham boasts an abundance of employment and job opportunities with the advent of HS2

Brett Alegre-wood
July 27, 2021

Today, there is a rising trend of people flocking to the Birmingham’s Eastside as home of the new HS2 Curzon Station. This project will make Eastside just 45-minutes from London.  Along with a massive £450 million redevelopment of the Eastside Locks as well as its proximity right beside the City Centre and you have the recipe for a massive growth in Employment and jobs. 

69% of Londoners moving out of the city and choosing Birmingham are under-30, putting the second city’s status as the youngest city in Europe. It’s this young, ambitious population that is contributing to Eastside Birmingham to establish itself as one of Birmingham’s Buy-to-Let premier hotspots for an energetic professional community, boosting the property market and property investment in the area.

The regenerations happening in Eastside Birmingham as part of ‘The Big City Plan’ is a remarkable sign of Eastside Birmingham’s status as an emerging area– a promising hotspot of tenant demand and investment opportunity in a place that is already going above and beyond expectations.


Eastside Birmingham: convenient proximity and accessibility to London’s business districts

HS2 is set to be completed in 2026 and this will deliver advanced travel linkages for Birmingham, especially when you take into account the second city’s affordability compared to London. HS2 will put London 49 minutes away. These factors will make Digbeth an even more attractive choice for London commuters allured by the bounty and vibrancy that Birmingham has in store.

Sitting in the area that will house the HS2 Curzon Street station in Birmingham City Centre, along with £724m million in investment into the surrounding area, Eastside Birmingham is a primary spot for property investment for those who would like to enjoy the ease and convenience of transport. In addition to this, the masterplan predicts the creation of 36,000 new jobs. 4,000 new homes and 600,000 square meters of commercial development. Connection Birmingham to London with a 45-minute commute, along with other key locations including Manchester and Leeds.

With the arrival of the HS2 connection in 2026, making London just 49 minutes away, direct access to the capital will make Eastside Birmingham an even more attractive choice for London commuters seeking the vibrancy that only Birmingham can provide. In this regard, the population in Eastside Birmingham is sure to rise dramatically as those working in London looking for a more affordable place of residence will choose Birmingham. 

Major developers have already begun redeveloping the canalside areas of the Eastside. A great example would be due to be launched later this year, Glasswater Locks, by prestigious developer Berkeley Homes. Their site will see 769 new homes on the canal as well as a 37 story tower. Berkeley, known for its quality, is a great example of Eastside Birmingham property investment opportunity.

Thanks to flourishing areas like the Eastside regeneration area, Birmingham easily outranks other major UK cities in terms of affordability, employment opportunities and quality of life. 


Eastside Birmingham’s employment opportunities

Birmingham, home to over one million jobs today has its main business district just within walking distance from the Eastside Birmingham. Global businesses such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, HMRC and PwC have all moved their headquarters to the Birmingham City Centre, making Eastside Birmingham just the ideal place for young professionals who seek the affordability it can provide without compromising accessibility or quality of amenities.

In total, the number of active businesses in the city has risen by 13% over the last four years – three times the UK average. With the arrival of the HS2 in 2026, making London just 49 minutes away, it is predicted that this will help deliver 30,000 new jobs in the area.


The Smithfield Masterplan

The Smithfield Masterplan, as part of the Big City Plan which will revitalize Birmingham’s Eastside and Southside quarters. The plan will bring in £1.5 billion into the district and transform the region into an exciting destination to live, work and relax. Over 20 years, Birmingham Smithfield is forecasted to add £470 million GVA to the local economy and create nearly 3,000 new jobs.

The ‘Big City Plan’ plays a stark role in extending the city core, as it will provide an additional 50,000 jobs for the region, contributing £2.1 billion to the economy every year creating a wide network of career opportunities for residents.

While there are plenty of investment opportunities in Birmingham, Eastside ought to be singled out as it is forecast for huge growth as thousands of commuters are set to travel in and out of the district daily with the advent of HS2 at its Curzon Street Station. Linking the ‘second city’ to the capital in around 45-minutes promises greater connection to the south of England and with it an even greater connection to the commercial and financial opportunities there.

This is encouraging news for the surrounding areas and neighbourhoods of Eastside, as their rental properties will be highly desirable for those whose careers and personal lives have them regularly journeying between the UK’s two largest cities. Its adjacency to Digbeth, Birmingham’s most up-and-coming area, and the once-in-a-generation residential, retail and community projects being undertaken there shouldn’t be overlooked, either.


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