Edgbaston’s Economic Boom: Exploring Thriving Job Market and Growth Opportunities in Birmingham’s South West Suburb

Employment in Edgbaston: Opportunities and Growth

Edgbaston’s employment sector is thriving, with Birmingham’s Big City Plan which expands the city centre’s footprint by 25%. As a property investor the massive change in fundamentals, already underway, will give investors a growing pool of young professionals, students as well as managers. 

The already robust and thriving job market is home to employers like Uni of Birmingham, National Express Buses and a stone’s throw away from the city centre where many renters are looking to escape from, whilst being in close reach of its unique lifestyle. 

Property investors are jumping at the off plan development opportunities offered while prices remain low, having seen what has happened to prices just down the road, in the city centre, over the past 5 years. 

Edgbaston Birmingham’s Employment in Key Sectors

Edgbaston boasts a dynamic and diverse business landscape, attracting investors and entrepreneurs from various industries. The area is home to a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, education, technology, finance, and professional services. With several prominent organisations and institutions located here, Edgbaston offers a plethora of employment and investment opportunities.

Edgbaston's key employment sectors include the University of Birmingham, the National Express Bus Group Plc, and the Birmingham Women's Health Care NHS Trust/Queen Elizabeth Hospital and with the development of the Edgbaston Medical Quarter (EMQ) it has been a catalyst for job creation in the healthcare sector. The EMQ, encompassing a cluster of medical facilities and research centers, has attracted numerous healthcare professionals, researchers, and support staff to the local area for work.

Specifically, the expansion of technology and innovation hubs in Edgbaston, such as the Birmingham Science Park, has led to the creation of a thriving ecosystem for startups and tech companies. These initiatives have fostered entrepreneurship, attracting skilled professionals and investors looking to be part of the burgeoning tech scene, making it a solid investment opportunity.

Future Developments & Growth of Edgbaston Birmingham’s 

The area is expected to see significant growth in the services sector, particularly in financial & business services, public services, and retailing & wholesaling. High-income, skilled, knowledge-intensive jobs, such as managerial, professional, and associate professional occupations, are also expected to grow. Additionally, there will be job growth in lower-skilled, low-wage service sector occupations, including customer service and sales occupations. Given Birmingham and the region's comprehensive and ambitious strategies for growth and development over the next 20 years, it is conceivable that these employment and growth forecasts may be overachieved.

Edgbaston Birmingham’s Infrastructure and Housing Projects

Over the next five years, more than 30,000 construction workers are needed across the West Midlands, driven in part by over £12 billion of major infrastructure and housing projects, including HS2, light rail extensions, and levelling up funded schemes. The annual recruitment requirement in the West Midlands is 2.7% per year, higher than the UK average of 2.0%, which means that an additional 30,050 workers will be needed between 2022 and 2026.

Edgbaston Stadium & Community Masterplan

Warwickshire County Cricket Club has formally launched a bid to the Government's Levelling Up Fund to transform Edgbaston Stadium and support the surrounding community. The transformation plan includes the redevelopment of the South and West Stands, a new entrance plaza, car parking facilities, and 'The Edgbaston Residences' complex. This ambitious project is set to create numerous job opportunities in the construction sector in the coming years.

Commercial and Industrial Investments

Edgbaston has witnessed substantial commercial and industrial investments, with numerous developments and infrastructure projects driving economic growth and revitalising the area's business landscape.

The construction of the Edgbaston Arena and the adjacent High Performance Centre has transformed the region into a hub for sports, leisure, and entertainment. This multimillion-pound investment has not only created employment opportunities during the construction phase but has also generated ongoing jobs in various sectors, including hospitality, event management, and tourism.

The establishment of business parks and office complexes, such as Calthorpe Estates and the Edgbaston Business Park, has attracted local and international companies, providing them with state-of-the-art facilities and access to a skilled workforce. These developments have played a vital role in driving employment and promoting business growth in the area.

Edgbaston, Birmingham, has emerged as a thriving hub for employment and investment opportunities, making it an attractive prospect for property investors from all around the world. With its dynamic business landscape, job creation initiatives, commercial and industrial investments, and residential regeneration projects, Edgbaston offers a fertile ground for individuals and companies seeking to establish a presence in a bustling and upcoming area. 

As the area continues to grow and prosper, Gladfish offers the opportunity to help investors with effortless property investment in one of the UK’s most promising investment destinations, an exciting prospect for those looking for long-term returns.  If you’re interested in finding out more about Edgbaston then give the team a call and we can run you through the various developments we have available. 

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Brett Alegre-Wood
June 23, 2023

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