Generation Rent…All Hot Air Or Fair Argument?

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Hey guys, so Generation Rent, do they have an argument? And look guys, Generation Rent they're the thorn in the side of most landlords right now in the UK, there's no doubt about it. But look, before I get into that, be sure to subscribe, press the little bell so you get notifications and any comments you've got, happy to answer, happy to engage and really get you the understanding you need to invest confidently. Because I think this is one of the key now, there's so many changes, so many things going on. We want you to be able to invest with confidence in whatever the market is. So guys, subscribe, comment and we'll get into it.

So yes, Generation Rent. I mean Generation Rent and shelter in these sort of things they're blaming landlords and vilifying landlords. And part of the reason is, and we're to blame to some degree, we don't have one body, one voice. We don't have a overriding position that we sit in because most of us are landlords, individual landlords, accidental landlords, and we've got busy lives. So we're not paying someone to represent us and therefore we're an easy target. And that's one of the challenges we've got right now is that we're an easy target for people like Generation Rent and shelter, and do they have a point? They have a point for the 1% yeah. But as a general, and a lot of statements they make are absolute BS and they're a bunch of raving idiots, as far as I'm concerned. And I say that quite strongly because there are issues in the industry, there are issues with housing, there are issues with landlords and you would find most landlords are quite happy to work and provide good lettings and accommodations to the people renting.

Absolutely. I don't have any problem with that whatsoever. I didn't have any problem. But it's got to work both ways. And the problem has been is that it hasn't been working both ways. These guys have been making all sorts of outlandish claims. They've been in the media and they're pandering to the media and they're doing a very good job of it. And unfortunately, landlords, we need a kick in the ass because we're not defending ourselves very well. We're not coming back with proper arguments. I mean, yes, people like ARLA and National Association Landlords, great. But they're just not effective enough. And part of it is, because they use facts. They use experience, they use the data that is there, whereas Generation Rents and shelter, what do they use? They use case studies and they use emotions.

So you've got on one side, landlords that are going down me the logical route. And you've got Generation Rent and shelter that are going down the emotional route. And that'll get more column inches. And that'll get people up in a furry, and at the end of the day, landlords haven't been very good at this. And we have to get better at this. Otherwise we're going to keep being the kicking block for anything goes wrong in the industry. Now, nobody is saying, and we have 1200 properties, we represent about 1200 landlords and the interesting thing is across those landlords, I don't think there's any of them that don't agree with providing good housing. If there is, generally they won't stay with us because we'll get rid of them.

If they're not prepared to do what they need to do to stay within the regulations and do these sort of things, then they're out the door. It's as simple as that because we can't afford to have them and we don't want to have them anyway because at the end of the day, we are providing a service and we want to provide the best service possible. And if you're as a landlord, you're not prepared to do that. Well guess what? Invite yourself or welcome yourself to the 1% of slum landlords, unscrupulous landlords or whatever you want to call them, whatever the flavor of the week is to vilify a whole body of people that actually provide a bloody good service. And who have for the last, and it's probably been five, six, seven years now being coping and sweet from every angle, from regulation, from taxation, from the market, from Brexit, from every angle.

We've become the punching bag and it's not warranted. If you're talking about the 1% fine, but there's the 99% who actually are bloody good landlords, who look after the place and do the maintenance when they need to. And unfortunately, it's not only Generation Rent and shelter and guys like that who are to blame now and who are playing this emotions and getting column inches in media game. It's the law. The law has got to the point where it doesn't represent fair and equitable outcomes. What it does, it represents the lowest common denominator and the lowest conform. And unfortunately it's so bogged down with lack of funding, lack of resources and all these sort of things that actually, what ends up happening is we've got somebody who's been in a place for two years, paid no rent, and the judge has refused to rule on it.

They keep sending it up to the next court, sending it up to the next court. Because she keeps playing the game and everybody knows she's playing a game. Even the judges know she's playing a game. But unfortunately, it's come to the point where, it's probably 40,000 pounds being spent to get to this level and the judges comments are that we should look to settle out of court to get her out of the property. It's ridiculous. She's been on the human rights scene, she's used public money to raise all sorts of things. They've cut her off now. Because they realised that she's not being truthful. It's amazing how bad things have got. And unfortunately that's the situation we see us in. Do generation and shelter have a thing?

They have a, and make no mistake, they have a voice and they should have a voice and absolutely, and I've got no problems with that. I think the way they go about it is wrong. It's immoral what they're doing. And I think vilifying the way they do is unacceptable, but they're trying to get their point across. The problem is, for landlords, is we're not doing the job that we should, so we need to start to come together and have a voice and start lobbying to get our point heard. And we don't ask for much. We're asking for a legal system that actually provides a fair and equitable. It's all good to say the tenant, he's going to be homeless, but what about the landlord who has to try and pay the mortgage?

And because they haven't got the rent to cover the mortgage, they have to now sacrifice their lifestyle. They have to start thinking about whether they're going to pay this bill or that bill because that's where it's got to. I mean, most of these places now, the taxation has gone up and them, the return has gone down on them, all these sorts of things have been happening. So we can sit here and say we've had it fairly good for a long time, but the reality is, now the pendulum's gone far too the other way where now it is ridiculous what's happening. So look Generation Rent, you've got a voice and you've got to thing, but I think the way you're going about it as appalling, If you want to get your point across, then sit down and work with us don't be this ridiculous thing where unfortunately we have to start attacking you and showing just how ridiculous some of the things you are, in order to get our point across.

We should be working together and we should be actually sitting down and looking at the points. Most landlords don't have a problem with the basis of what you're saying. When you've got Councils who say, no, don't pay your rent, just stay in the property until the Bailiff comes and then we'll find you a place to live. I mean, that's just ridiculous. And these are Councils that are party to the crime and it should be a crime to. It's ridiculous. But anyway, that's my rant for today. So, do they have a place? Yes they do, but how they're going about it? Appalling. But landlords, we have to do something about it. Anyway guys, subscribe, comment. I'm sure I'll get some fun and games on the comments this time, but have a great day. Live with passion, seeing guys.

Brett Alegre-Wood
January 13, 2020

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