Manchester Voted Best UK City For Generation Z To Live And Work In

Manchester tops the list of 10 best UK cities where Generation Z chooses to live and work in. Workthere, a flexible office space expert, completed its survey asking Gen Z-ers which city they prefer to live and work in. Most importantly, what they considered 'absolute essentials'. 

Aged 18 to 24 years old, the Gen Z population are the latest generation to enter the workforce. In short, the Workthere study intended to see what Gen Z-ers considered essential to choosing where they want to work and live. 

The study covered a wide range of factors. Of these, good rent rates and salaries, internet connectivity and speed, and the number of restaurants, bars, and cafes were considered primary.

Manchester Beats London As Best UK City To Live And Work In

Thanks to its competitive rent rates, very good salaries, quick internet speed, and many dining establishments, Manchester was chosen as the best UK city to live and work in. 

The city is already very popular with Gen Z demographic. First, Gen Z-ers make up 15% of the city region’s population. Second, among those who are local or lived in Manchester to study, many choose to stay for work. 

Lastly, the city region offers a lot of employment opportunities in its business, financial, creative, and digital quarters, among others. Certainly an attractive prospect for a young professional fresh out of university.  

Most importantly, Manchester is amid regeneration. These developments attract major investments and employers looking to set up shop in Manchester. This means that there are many employment opportunities for new graduates and Gen Z workers to go into. 

Ultimately, it is Manchester’s diverse employment options, high salary median, solid internet connectivity, and its hospitality, dining, and night-time economies that make it the best UK city for Gen Z-ers to live and work in. 

London Leavers May Have The Right Idea After All

A close second is London. It completely blitzes Manchester and every other city for having the most number of restaurants and bars. In addition to its lively nightlife, London also has the highest salary and compensation rates of any UK city. 

But the twist is that the rent costs are prohibitively high in London. So too, is the cost of living. London has the highest cost-of-living average among all the cities in the UK. It won’t be surprising to find a few Gen Z-ers among the London leavers on their way to Manchester.

“It’s interesting to see that London does not take the top spot for Gen Z workers and that other UK cities are proving competitive at attracting the younger generation,” notes Cal Lee, Head of Workthere. 

“The relatively small difference in average salary but the much larger difference in living costs highlights the opportunity for cities like these to attract more Gen Z talent as the world of hybrid working takes hold.”

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Brett Alegre-wood
September 16, 2022

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