New Years Resolutions – 3 steps to nailing them | Property Rant 001

Hello and Welcome to 2017, the best damn year in property ever... well if you follow these 3 simple steps to making sure your New Years Resolution (and any goals you set) come to pass.

Video Transcription

Hi guys. Brett here. Happy 2017.

I hope you had a great New Year's. So today, I want to, I guess, give my New Year's resolution for...particularly for the business, which is that I'm going to do 200 videos this year, which accounts to about 4 videos a week, which...50 weeks.

So that's quite a commitment. But they'll be short, sharp, to the point, addressing one issue. And so today, what I wanted to deal with New Year's resolutions, because

New Year's resolutions, it's currently the second of January, and the interesting thing is I'm sure most of us have already broken the diet and the fitness resolutions. Hopefully, you haven't.

Hopefully, you're really committed to this. Here's the three points that I see that are really critical in making sure that New Year's resolution comes true.

First is to write it down. Write it down, publicize it, make sure it's externalized out. And when you do that, it becomes very specific. And be very specific about it.

Secondly is massive action. You got to take massive action. If you want something to happen, you've got to take action about it. If you're not going to take action, it is not going to happen. We talked about the law of attraction and feeling good feelings, and just really being really specific in thinking about it. That's just one part of it. You still need to get off your ass. You still need to go out there. You still need to do something about it.

And the third point, which is get a mental...get a group of people around you, get whatever it is you need around you, whatever help it is, whatever support you need, get that around you and make sure they're there to kick your ass to get it done. Because when you do that and you get them involved in what you want to achieve, it's amazing how much easier it is.

And make sure that those people you get around you aren't the crabs in the bucket that are going to pull you back down to "reality." You want the guys that will inspire you, that have been there and done that before, that are actually going to come out and show you the path that's already been treaded and make you to avoid the pitfalls along the way.

And then when you can find those people and get those people around you, get positive with them. They will keep you honest and they'll get you on the path. You will achieve it and whatever it is you want, whatever it is you set, you will achieve that.

And the great thing is they'll probably even push you and show you how small-thinking or small-minded you were when you set that New Year's resolution.

So guys, here's to a awesome 2017. I'm looking towards my 200 videos and the challenge that is.

So have a great day and live with passion.

Brett Alegre-Wood

Brett Alegre-Wood
January 2, 2017

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