Presenteeism: why it’s lethal to a Set and Forget property portfolio

Property Investment Advice on Presenteeism – Just set and forget . . .

Not too long ago I was having lunch with one of my best mates, Craig Spence in a Sydney restaurant overlooking the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on the beautiful last day before the winter weather set in.

In the conversation, Craig taught me the word presenteeism. It's a little like absenteeism but within the workplace. You're there, but you're getting nothing done, instead being distracted by everything but the work you are supposed to be doing. Facebook, Twitter, fatigue, lack of passion for the job, lack of motivation it all plays a part in presenteeism.

I banned all of those Facebook and Twitter sites at work some time ago — far too many times I would find that the team were checking it every 10 minutes instead of getting on with their jobs. But apparently it still costs Australia's companies billions in lost productive time.

So how does this presenteeism relate to property investment and your property portfolio?

Well, presenteeism in property investment could be defined as:

Owning a portfolio but delaying and avoiding taking responsibility for your portfolio and the decisions that need to be made rather than making a decision and solving a problem yourself, quickly, upfront, before they become bigger, more dangerous and more time-consuming.

Letting problems go on never means they will go away.

My Set and Forget property investment philosophy is all about spending as little time as required on your property portfolio, dealing with competent professionals, having a high level of education so that when things happen you can make a decision and just get on with your life.

I have known for a long time that successful people make decisions; unsuccessful people make excuses. Presenteeism is all about making excuses for doing or delaying the things that are most important.

There is never a reason that your portfolio should be taking lots of time. If you're capable of making the appropriate decision quickly, these problems are normally solved with the minimal time input. This way you stop presenteeism before it becomes a bad habit.

If you have a portfolio problem or presenteeism issue, that's been hanging around for a while and you're unsure what decision to take then why not call the team on +44 (0)207 923 6100 or They'll be able to give you clear direction and show you the best options.

But of course, it's your portfolio, so the final decision always remains yours!

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood

Brett Alegre-Wood
June 18, 2010


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