Your pension plan could be worth more than you thought!

Brett Alegre-Wood
April 15, 2011

How much is your pension worth?

Having spent many years in financial services, and slogged my way through countless exams, I feel that I am best positioned to provide my clients with the best possible pension planning advice. In particular I hold the G60 Pensions Qualification of the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate (AFPC) which demonstrates that I have a comprehensive knowledge of pension issues.

We all know the importance of regularly reviewing retirement provision as part of your long term financial planning. This should include all the pensions that you have accumulated over the years in different schemes, including old company pension schemes you were a member of in previous employments.

Transferring old pension schemes can provide significant benefits, but to ensure it is in your best interest, a thorough analysis needs to be conducted by a qualified Pension Transfer Specialist (that's me!). Pension transfers can be complex, and whilst one scheme may be suitable for transfer, another may not.

I can be contacted via email or telephone at the address below and I will be pleased to discuss your pension or investment opportunities with you. Remember, we are all hopefully going to be retired for a very long time so making sure that whatever pension schemes or property investment you have in place are working for you is of paramount importance. The call to me may be the most valuable call that you make!


Pension Plan, Pension Plan

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