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An introduction to Holiday let law

Maximising holiday let profits with sensible insurance cover

How do the new package holiday regulations affect holiday lets?

10 holiday let health and safety areas owners must take care of

How to calculate breakeven and forecast profit on holiday let

Should you use local letting agencies for your holiday let?

Online sites that help you let your holiday let

The pros and cons of using a holiday let property manager

The pros and cons of self-managing a holiday let

UK Property News - 12 Nov 2018

Is it time to invest in the booming UK holiday let property market?

Boost your holiday let profits by being clever with your costs

Strategies to boost year-round income from holiday let properties

All you need to know about holiday let rental agreements

How do you finance a holiday let investment?

Holiday Home Investments #7 Due Diligence

Holiday Home Investments #6 Mitigating the Risks

Holiday Home Investments #5 Management Company

Holiday Home Investments #4 Lending Availability

Holiday Home Investments #3 Tax Benefits

Holiday Home Investments #2 Leisure Industry

Simple strategies to maximise your holiday let property income

Holiday Home Investments #1 Introduction

21 tips before buying a holiday let investment property

You’re never too young to start in property investment

What Would A Demi God Do If They Ran the Country?

Regeneration – the game changer for property investment in Leeds

Investment education: the foundation of profitable property investment

How Parks and Open Spaces Affect Your Property Investment?

Your holiday let property tax guide

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7 reasons to invest in Manchester property before 2019

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How property investments changed a child’s life

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Why savvy property investors are buying in Leeds

How Hospitals Impact Your Property Investment?

Is holiday let property a good investment?

Pick The Next Property Hotspot using the Ripple Effect

Manchester: a world-class city for foreign direct investment and property investors

Should you buy property in Suburbs or Cities?

Fail to plan and you plan to fail

UK Property News - 20 Oct 2018

Leeds: a lifestyle city to achieve your lifestyle investment goals

Is staycation investment a smart strategy?

Is property still the best investment?

How to stay focussed in property investment

4 reasons Manchester is an incredible place to invest in property

7 considerations before investing in UK property

Investors!!! Do you need a kick up the ar*e?

Why there will be no referendum! Brexit Rant

Questions first-time property investors must ask

Are you getting hoodwinked by Brexit?

What happens if I change my mind about a property investment?

What return should I expect from my investment property?

Why we will get a Brexit deal!

UK Property News - 8 Oct 2018

Avoid the squeeze on property investment

Extra Stamp Duty for Overseas Investors in UK

What is good property investment education?

How leveraging works to grow a property portfolio

Property investment vs annuities which is best for retirement income?

The one strategy you need to become a buy-to-let millionaire

Why off-plan property investors don’t care about recessions

Benefit from investments with a property investment company

UK Property News - 27 Sep 2018

Strategies to maximise buy-to-let yield and cut tax on rental income

The simple property investment strategy to help you retire early

UK Property News - 25 Sep 2018

7 questions to ask before investing

What does a mortgage broker do when you buy off-plan property?

Why it makes sense to invest in residential investment property

How to make money when buying off-plan property investments

What’s the best property investment network – local or national?

UK Property News - 16 Sep 2018

How can I guarantee my new build flats will rent?

Nine things that tenants want from your buy-to-let property

5 insane excuses that people use to not invest in property

How do I put the 3+1 Plan property investment strategy into action?

I want to enjoy retirement – how can I as a buy-to-let landlord?

How do you avoid the scams?

Why is the premium so high?

UK Property News - 08 Sep 2018

What does a solicitor do when you buy off-plan property?

Simplifying the process of buying an off-plan property

Why it pays to make time to become a buy-to-let property investor

Retirement investing today for lifestyle income tomorrow

How retirement income options stack up against buy-to-let property

Stress-free buying off-plan in the lead up to completion

Snagging the easy way

When is the best time to buy off-plan property?

Why is cash flow important to the buy-to-let investor?

Newcastle – a city on the move for property investors

14 facts your financial advisor isn't telling you

How to build a property portfolio and benefit from BTL rentals

How property investors negotiate below market value property deals

The buy-to-let tax implications of being an all-cash property investor

Newcastle – could it be one of tomorrow’s property investment hotspots?

The truth about investment opportunities and retirement

The benefits of using a buy-to-let mortgage broker

4 benefits of buying property below market value

UK house price inflation slows – here’s why savvy property investors are still buying

Want to be a happy property investor? Buy in Newcastle

Why your best investment strategy could be buying off-market, off-plan property

8 reasons investors are snapping up Birmingham property

Beelines – the path to making Manchester the Amsterdam of the UK

Your cash ISA – dead money destroying your future

Newcastle – the crown jewel for property investors in the North East of the UK

Buy-to-let financing gets cheaper in the UK

What fees and charges does a property investor pay on a buy-to-let mortgage?

How will HS2 really affect property prices and investment potential?

In Manchester, it is raining profits in property investment

Could Birmingham be London’s next commuter town?

Are these the UK’s two best cities for property investment today?

Investment property cash flow – how important is it?

5 reasons you won’t want to sell your buy-to-let property

Why property remains the number one investment asset in the UK

Four ways to get started investing in property now, not tomorrow

Cryptocurrencies or property ­– what’s the better investment?

5 common running costs of buy-to-let property you must consider

5 common questions property investors ask about buy-to-let mortgages

3 common questions property investors ask about buy-to-let deposits

Manchester property – is it the buy-to-let choice in the UK?

Why savvy property investors use interest-only mortgages

Get educated on why property investors buy near good schools

6 Essential elements of a neighbourhood ripe for property investment

7 steps to successful property investment

Nine tips to avoid void periods and maximise buy-to-let profits

Savvy buy-to-let investors make sure they invest in landlord insurance

Seven things to consider before investing

Pump up your property investment profits by acting like a professional

Are your investment goals achievable?

Your introduction to property investment risk and mitigation

Aligning your goals, ROI, and risk when you invest in property

It’s the mechanics of ROI that make property investment so attractive

Bedford’s regeneration provides prime property investment potential

13 tips to increase your rental income and reduce void periods

How much could you make on a single buy-to-let investment property?

Be like Dave –  enjoy your windfall bonus and secure your future

7 capital growth indicators to make a savvy property investment

200,000 reasons to invest £50,000 in UK property today

How savvy investors reduce their property tax bills

Buy-to-let investors are looking forward to a bright future

Bedford – ideal for migrating Londoners, perfect for property investors

How will the change to mortgage interest tax relief affect me as a property investor?

Now is the time to invest in the heart of the new economic powerhouse

Everything you want to know about stamp duty on property investment, but are afraid to ask

BTL mortgage facts for limited company property investors

Will a larger deposit guarantee a lower interest rate on a buy-to-let mortgage?

The truth about real income yield on buy-to-let property

If your accountant can’t answer this about property investment, don’t hire them!

7 questions to ask before incorporating to invest in property

How much does it cost to set up a limited company to invest in property?

2,650 reasons why this investor bought property as a limited company

The pros and cons of investing in property in your personal name

What property investors can learn from DIY homeowners

Here’s why Bedford should be on your property investment shortlist

Could you increase property investment profits as a limited company?

Get your tax return in or face huge financial penalties

Bradford: Why UK’s curry capital is hot news for property investors

How big should your residential investment property reserve fund be?

Should you use your home equity as a deposit on residential investment property?

Why do you need a large deposit for residential investment property?

Three factors that affect off-plan property prices

All positive on property investment – prices, rents, and demand all up

How much tax will you pay as a buy-to-let property investor?

Where are the best places to invest in property UK?

Why all investors must care about ROI

All lies! Buy-to-let property investors are expanding their portfolios, not selling

7 things you must consider before you invest in property

How to avoid cash flow problems when you invest in property

How does conveyancing work when you invest in property?

11 tips to help choose the best furniture for your buy-to-let property

Is it worth furnishing your buy-to-let property?

Does letting investment property furnished appeal to a wider audience?

Should you furnish your BTL property?

Birmingham – why it has gold medal potential for property investors

Squeeze on buy-to-let profits appears to be ending

11 Tips to maximise BTL property investment profits

Should you invest in property using an interest only or repayment mortgage?

6 things that make Bradford a great property investment destination

How will you be assessed for a buy-to-let investment mortgage?

Where are house prices rising fastest in the UK?

What do the new mortgage rules mean for portfolio property investors?

Is digital connectivity your trump card when you decide where to invest?

6 Stamp duty questions all property investors need answered

What difference does deposit size make when you invest in property?

How to price the value of a property investment opportunity

How do I budget for property investment?

Good news for property investors – rents up and prices rising faster

How much does it really cost to invest in property?

Create your own investment guarantees to maximise your property profits

7 things you must consider when investing in property

Is Bradford the next stop for high-speed property investment?

Is the tide of property prices turning in the UK’s regional cities?

How to think like a pro when you inspect investment property

Tips to conduct a successful site visit when you invest in property

Questions you must ask before investing in property, but probably won’t

Keep it simple with the property investment lifestyle ROI method

5 hidden costs of an investment property that you must not forget

24 questions to confirm the rental value of an investment property

Major investment and regeneration – the lifeblood of long-term property investment success

Example research questions to ask before you invest in property

How to invest in property through the growth and decay cycle

Why investors should be peeing their pants with excitement about Birmingham property

How to assess a property investment opportunity in 10 minutes

Searching for the perfect property could cost thousands

So, just how do you do property investment research?

The property investment research framework that works for all

UK property prices hit record as IMLA calls for attack on PRS to stop

The five fundamental keys to profitable property investment

Your five-minute guide to investing in a property that will always rent

The four property investors you don’t want to be

Seven sins that could cost property investors their shirt (and their business)

As London rents edge higher, UK property investors receive record rental income

Borrowing to invest is bad? – four property myths busted

How do you invest in residential property below market value every time?

What is the real value of a residential investment property?

The only two property investment laws you need

7 essential property investment strategies to destress when interest rates rise

Why property investment news can be a pantomime

Why property investors shouldn’t fret about property prices and interest rates

Where to invest in property in the heart of the Northern Powerhouse

Why experienced property investors aren’t worried by rising interest rates

If not rental yield, what should be the focus for your property investment?

Property investors in the UK achieved ROIs of up to 20% in 2017

Birmingham: could it be the hotspot for property investment in 2018?

Why you should never sell investment property, and why you might

Why you mustn’t make rental yield your only property investment goal

Overseas investor in UK property? How to open a UK bank account

RICS survey points to a better 2018 for property investors

What stops most people becoming successful property investors?

Is the fear of being a landlord stopping your success as a property investor?

Rules for overseas investors to get the best buy-to-let tenants

Still the best investment, despite higher property taxes

When you invest in property, you need to know the realistic market rent

Why price, not perfection, is the key to profitable property investment

5 things you need to know about investing in off-plan property

Decision time: is property investment for you?

Manchester property investment – could it be the story of 2018?

Make 2018 the year when you Set and Forget your property portfolio

Do I have to complete an off-plan property purchase?

We bought off-plan property – was it worth it?

The UK property investment costs that foreign investors need to know

Where should you invest in property, and what property should you buy?

Why buying community could be key to property investment success

Why off-plan property is the antidote to eroding pension income

Manchester and the Northern Powerhouse – A hotbed for buy-to-let investment

The best New Year’s resolutions for savvy property investors in 2018

Is now the time to invest in property near Crossrail 2?

Are London property prices about to trend up again?

Seven signs that UK residential property is ripe for investment in 2018

Why 2018 could be the year to step into off-plan property in the UK

Manchester: where the digital revolution boosts productive property investment

Leeds: where productivity is powering off-plan property opportunity

How does productivity fit into the property investment equation?

If you don't have a purpose in life, someone will give you theirs...

Lifestyle is the only reason to build a property portfolio

How to avoid void property?

Buy-to-let investors survive challenging times

Can The Bank of Mum and Dad continue to help kids on the property ladder?

Two laws of buy-to-let purchasing

The fundamentals buy the property not the deal

Emotional intelligence and the human brain

What is due diligence?

Brett's 5 and Hold Property Investment Strategy

AVOID THIS NOW... The 4th way to make money from property

Here’s what UK property prices could do in the next five years

Follow the money for incredible property investment opportunities in Leeds

The UK’s PRS is expanding rapidly, but where should you invest in property?

Birmingham – the property investment opportunity other experts are now noticing

UK property investors are enjoying higher rents and property prices

How could you benefit from Manchester’s booming visitor economy?

Stop press! What the Autumn Budget means for property investors

Leeds is on the brink of explosive growth – ideal for off-plan investment

Where is demand for new build property highest in the UK?

Transport in Manchester is becoming smarter and cleaner

Start-ups show the potential for Birmingham property investment

What records should property investors keep, and for how long?

Manchester – a modern city leading the world for property investors

Can you avoid paying stamp duty on off-plan property?

Off-plan property in Birmingham is set to shine for decades

Tips to tackle off-plan property completion problems

Focus is on regeneration of town centres for property investment in Manchester

How does an off-plan property become a completed new build?

The off-plan property contract – what should you expect?

Property investors in Birmingham benefit from higher transport spending

Revamped railway stations could boost property investment opportunity in Manchester

13 issues your solicitor must uncover when you invest off-plan

What happens if the value of your off-plan property falls before completion?

What happens if an off-plan development is delayed?

Why rising interest rates get experienced property investors excited

What strategies do property investors use to beat rising interest rates?

What will higher interest rates mean for property investors?

What will higher interest rates mean for investors?

Manchester property for sale with incredible investment potential

Property for sale in Manchester with the best rental yields in the UK

Northern Powerhouse to generate profits in property, Manchester

Manchester’s economic miracle – Igniting new build property investment

Birmingham property for sale benefits from exceptional property fundamentals

Transport in Manchester – City linked for property investment success

Why Brexit holds no fear for Birmingham property investment

Should you invest in Birmingham property?

Property: Birmingham is the UK’s number 1 hotspot

Why investors can’t resist property for sale in Birmingham

8 reasons why investors are piling into property in Manchester city

Investment in Manchester – Your cue for off-plan property purchases

Shopping and Leisure: Investing in lifestyle property for sale in Manchester city centre

Are employment opportunities the key to profit in Manchester property?

Education: Driving profitable Manchester property investment

Make sure your line of deposit secures a lien of ownership

How can you protect your off-plan property investment deposit?

11 essential questions to ask a property investment company

House prices are rising in 8 out of 10 UK locations

Can my spouse and I reduce tax on our property investment?

Invest in property now – here’s the data that proves prices will rise

How to stop property tax changes reducing buy-to-let investment profits

House prices are rocketing in the UK as landlords increase portfolio size

Could residential property boost your investment returns in the low interest rate environment?

How to assess investment opportunities against your buy-to-let

Why off-plan property is a great investment strategy for all lifestyle goals

How much will your buy-to-let investment be worth in 10 years?

Housing supply slumps as Bank of Mum and Dad funds kids’ rent payments

How to invest in property with a partner and remain friends

Your 13-point off-plan property investment checklist

Are lifetime mortgages on investment property sensible for retirees?

5 reasons why property investment is better than stocks for retirement

7 Common property investment mistakes and how to avoid them

Are apartment blocks safe to live in?

Good news for property investors – housing starts are way short of demand

Why London Property will Astound AGAIN!

Micro-apartments – the new trend in buy-to-let investment

Where now for the best profits from UK property investment?

Why positive cash flow investment property will help you retire early

Should I invest my pension lump sum in property?

For higher property investment profits, consider high-tech towns

Investment news - Full steam ahead for investors in UK property

Getting schooled for off-plan property profits in Birmingham

Is the economy key to off-plan property investment profits in Birmingham?

Transport in Birmingham – your link to off-plan investment success

Shopping and Leisure in Birmingham – creating lifestyle off-plan investment

Investment in Birmingham – follow the dragon for off-plan profit potential

Transport in Leeds – the road to off-plan property investment

Investment in Leeds – could it push off-plan property profits even higher?

Shopping for the best property investment profits? Welcome to Leeds

Employers could boost off-plan property investment profits in Leeds

Excellence in education supports off-plan property investment in Leeds

Below market value properties at auctions – golden egg or money pit?

Property investment or pensions savings – how should you prepare for retirement?

How to start property investing from a standing start with no savings

Is investing in Hotels perfect for your dream income?

UK property investment news shows prices and rents are rising strongly

Five easy strategies for busy people who want to invest in property

Don’t let a bad credit history stop you from investing in property

We know what’s stopping you from life-changing property investing

Go high-tech to boost property investment profits

UK property investment continues to beat inflation, with more to come

Why where you live is probably bad for property investing

7 essential property investor strategies to stay profitable when rents fall

London house prices – could they surge forward again?

Is there a silver lining on the storm cloud of recent investment news?

Should you invest in off-plan property in this gem of a commuter town?

How to identify property experts and become one yourself

Why I never buy property investment opportunities on the wrong side of town

What to look for when investing in London off-plan property