Property Investment Guide – Long-term property investment

The long term. . .

Lately, people are asking ‘What are prices doing over the next year?'In Fact, not just lately.

Since the beginning of investing, people have been asking the same question, having the same conversation and being held back by the same fears and superstitions.

Obviously, depending on which stage of the property cycle we're at, I can go into detailed answers about the stimulus packages, QE, interest rates, consumer confidence, etc, but the whole conversation becomes totally redundant when you simply adjust your time horizon.


One of the first principles I was taught in Property Investment 101 was: “The longer the time horizon, the more predictable the investment.”

Looking 2 years into the future is a totally different proposition than if we look 10 years ahead.

Ask any friend and they'll agree that in 10 years prices will definitely be higher. It's almost a certainty (even though we're still assuming that it will happen).

I think that far too often when we start out as a property investor we see the claims being made by property ‘experts' and how quickly they did it. The truth is these tales are always the exception.

Real people have lives outside of investing; they have families, cars that break down, kids that get sick. So when you factor in the realities of life, building an overnight success story can take years.

My personal portfolio has been a 15-year commitment. I certainly don't see myself as an overnight success, and I can guarantee that when you get your ‘lucky break' it will only be after years of investing.

To succeed in property investment, the best advice I can give is lengthened your time horizon. That way you won't be tempted by unrealistic results in impossible time lines.

If you have questions about your own personal time horizon and want, a successful long-term investment gives the team a call on 0207 812 1255.

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood


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