Property Investment Guide – Property strategy: your key to investment success

Strategies to open the doors to your portfolio . . .

The strategy you choose for your property investment is hands down one of the most important aspects of your portfolio. It dictates the what, when and where and how of purchasing property.

At Gladfish we have a unique tried and tested approach to building your property portfolio.

We use the same process as described on Brett's Amazon Bestselling Book: “The 3+1 Plan: How to Achieve Financial Freedom with just 3 +1 Properties.” The same strategy that he's used to help thousands of investors to build successful property portfolios.

It starts with the 1,2 STOP Strategy

Quite simply this means buy two properties and then stop investing. The first two properties will probably have you thinking “what have I gotten myself in to?!” Taking a break after the first two will give you a chance to raise your level of EDUCATION and develop the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE that you need to overcome these challenges and become a professional investor. This is when you'll rely on your Portfolio Manager the most, and they'll be waiting to answer any of your questions.

Property Investment Guide – 5 and Hold Strategy

This is where ‘Set and Forget' comes into play. The more properties you own, the harder it is to manage. Thats why when you get to 5 you hold off on buying more and allow yourself the time to develop the systems required to make managing your portfolio easy. This includes things like learning how to best use credit cards and setting up your bank accounts to cut down on the time you spend on your portfolio.

This is also the time that we'll sit together and develop some very clear LIFESTYLE goals. It's important that you know what you want to achieve from investing and we'll ensure that your strategy is matched to deliver these goals.

Property Investment Guide – 7-10 x 7-10 Strategy

This is one of the biggest assumptions we make in property – that property will double every 7-10 years. Given that this strategy is simple, buy 7-10 properties and hold them for 7-10 years. Over time they'll have doubled in value and created enough equity for you to self-fund your retirement.

Question Mark Strategy

So how many properties do you need to fund the lifestyle you desire? We'll be able to sit down and review what your lifestyle goals are or if you're on track and just want to keep investing we'll plan a strategy for that too.

The decision is yours.

Live with passion,
Brett Alegre-Wood