Property News – Brexit Update

Video Transcription:

Hey guys, so Bretts Property Rants. So, I thought I'd jump into the Brexit thing. I've actually had a couple of, break for a couple of weeks on it. Because to be fair there was so much happening and nothing happening at all.

And I think, you know, just having had a couple of weeks break, not looking at anything, not actually reading the news, not even been interested in what's been going on, just been letting it happen. You know, I was travelling and things like that. It's interesting because I thought what I'd do is I'd come back, I published my book at the start of April, and what I realize now is that I have no idea what the next move is.

I mean, there's plenty of ideas, there's plenty of options. And, you know what? Somebody may win it, somebody may go, yes, that's what we're doing, and that may be the thing that happens. But the interesting thing is, there are so many different opinions with various bits of power but no one has a majority. No one has the ability to get one thing though, whatever that is.

And I think that's gonna be the telling thing. I think, realistically, you know, it's heading more and more like we could have a no Brexit, because I think the reality is in the absence of us being able to make a decision, we'll be handing our sovereignty over to the EU, who could say, either, in or out, make a decision. And I think the problem is, the decision on out won't be able to be made because all the stops, stoppers have been put in place.

And so the default will end up being we stay in. You know, the other alternative is that we keep fighting but the, you know, I mean, 'cause we can always retract the Article 50 and then re-invoke it. I mean, there's nothing that says we can't. But, you know, it's amazing now to think that we're in a position where no one party can win, nobody has the influence, nobody has the ability to, you know, I mean, there's just a severe lack of communication.

I mean, I thought maybe May and Corbyn might have come up with something, but you know, the problem is, is that May is the Prime Minister, she's not the party. And I think a lot of the party, you know, they're not, they're not siding with her now. You know, and often times the party whip would bring their party behind a decision that needs to be made. I think their whips probably need to be sacked 'cause they're, they're very ineffective right now.

So yeah, so it's a bit of an interesting situation now. And I'll keep monitoring it but I think, to be fair, right now there is no clear and definite way to look at it. I think anyone that says that they can and they know and this is what's gonna happen, you know, I think they're full of crap. I really don't see, having spent a couple of hours just going through article after article and reading up on everything's been going on, there's no clear way.

You know, and whether the EU force our hand and say, no more extensions, so either in or out, I think that seems to be the most likely one now. I mean maybe May and Corbyn might get together and get the numbers but then, you know, where does that lead us from an internal perspective? I mean, we're out but we also, once we're out we need to focus on getting the deals in place and everything in place. And that's, you know, that's pretty hard. Without any coordination that's gonna be a very hard one.

Alright guys, have a great day, live with passion.

Brett Alegre-Wood
May 6, 2019

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