Southside Birmingham Property Regeneration Turns Cultural Heart Into A New Build Hotspot

The success of the Commonwealth Games along with Southside Birmingham property regeneration has raised Birmingham’s profile and showcased the qualities that make it one of the best places in the UK to hold events and exhibitions, to visit as a cultural and shopping mecca, and to live, study and work in. 

But as recently as last year, things were different: Birmingham was a city in lockdown, and the Southside District, long loved as its cultural heart, stopped beating. 

The district that relied heavily on visitors and tourists was crippled deeply by the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions but recent announcements of Southside Birmingham property regeneration has the area on the up and up. 

Birmingham New Street Station

The Brummie spirit cannot be denied and with the easing of the Covid-19 lockdowns, the Southside made a successful comeback. 

City Council Invests In Southside Birmingham property regeneration through it's Cultural Heart and The Southside Business Improvement District

Birmingham is the centre for major investments and employment in the West Midlands and outside of London, and is the largest provider of financial and business services in the UK. 

It is also a major centre for retail and leisure, entertainment, and events, and is a hugely popular conference hub that sees millions of visitors from all over the UK and tourists from around the world each year who visit the city for business or pleasure—or both. 

The majority of these visitors go to the Southside District.

The hugely popular Chinese Quarter, the enigmatic Gay Village, venues like the O2 Academy, and the bars and dining attractions in Birmingham New Street and Hurst Street, are just some of the Southside District’s well-loved places for entertainment, dining, and leisure.

To ensure that the district made a successful recovery, the city council turned to the Southside Business Improvement District (aka, Southside BID team), which has been working overtime to make sure that once the area comes out of the restrictions, it will be able to make a triumphant turnaround aided by Southside Birmingham property regeneration.

Executing A Triumphant Post Covid-19 Turnaround

Established in 2011, the Southside BID team is a not-for-profit, elected organisation that was created to help the development of Southside, Birmingham. 

It is responsible for the Southside’s growth not only as an entertainment and night-time economy but in its transformation as a flourishing mixed commercial and residential area. 

This, in particular, may be of keen interest to both first-time property investors and those looking to add property investments in Southside Birmingham to their portfolios. 

It Takes A Community To Rise After The Restrictions

To achieve these, the Southside BID team is responsible for activities ranging from working with local businesses and lobbying for the entry of new businesses that want to relocate or open offices in the area. Seeing this positive environment created by Southside Birmingham property regeneration has further seen new build property developers flock to the area. 

It is also responsible for proposing and lobbying for improvements to the district, from sending regeneration proposals and residential developments

The Southside BID team is also responsible for area improvement projects (or, “schemes”) like pedestrianisation and traffic refinements like the walking and cycling routes from the Birmingham New Street Station to Southside, and creating safe areas in and around Hurst and Hill Streets (for pedestrians and bikers). 

Despite the difficulties that the Southside District experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Southside BID team was largely successful as it rallied the community after the restrictions. The Southside was able to bounce back and as of this writing, more and more businesses, stores, and shops are opening and serving the community and visitors. 

The nigh-time economy of Southside has also picked up, and following the 2022 Commonwealth Games has gained traction and attention.

These activities and regeneration projects are hoped to attract major investments and employers which in turn, will make create opportunities for Southside, Birmingham off-plan property investments.

Reviving Birmingham’s Cultural Heart Through Major Investments and New Build Property Investments 

These days, the Southside is alive and well and finding itself in a regeneration phase as areas that have been devastated by the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions are now being considered for redevelopment. 

Birmingham is ranked as one of the best places to live and work, and in 2019, and is considered one of the best places for property investments in the UK.

Transforming The Southside Into A Commercial and Residential Heartland 

The Southside is no longer just the city’s cultural heart and the centre of entertainment and its hugely popular nightlife. 

It is also incorporating a massive regeneration scheme that is targeted not only to attract major investments and employment but new build property investments. 

Southside Entertainment Quarter of Birmingham

Currently, the city of Birmingham has 12 BID teams that attract major private sector investments. 

Much of Birmingham’s attractiveness as a place to live, study, and work comes from the fact that it has major regeneration projects across its different districts, not just in the city centre. 

And among them, the Southside BID team is currently being eyed not only for successfully managing the district’s triumphant turnaround but also for its regeneration potential. By far, the Southside is one of the few districts in Birmingham where new build property investments are some of the latest in the marketplace. 

Gateway Project To Entice Interest In Property Investments In Southside, Birmingham

One of these projects is the £9.5 million public square outside the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre. 

The Birmingham Hippodrome theatre attracts annual visitors of above 600,000 and this new project is seen not only as an additional attraction to Birmingham’s cultural calendar but is also essentially the “gateway” that will welcome visitors into the Southside’s hugely popular Chinatown and Gay Village quarters—and more. 

Birmingham City Centre Skyline

Regeneration In Southside, Birmingham Is Just The Beginning Of Its Successful Turnaround

The project is expected to draw not only visitors and tourists but major investors and employers, as well. The project is part of two plans: the Enterprise Zone Investment Plan (EZIP) and the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) Enterprise Zone. 

It is expected to achieve two goals: First, to improve Southside into a grander area for cultural and musical events, entertainment, and more. And secondly, to transform the area that’s attractive to major investors and employers, commercial and residential property investments. 

These plans aim to promote economic growth in the Southside and encourage further inner and private sector investments for the area, the city, and the entire West Midlands region. And Southside is just getting started.

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Brett Alegre-wood
August 24, 2022

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