Southside Birmingham Transport Links A Big Benefit To Its Regeneration

Birmingham owes the success of the 2022 Commonwealth Games to its thousands of volunteers, transport links, and the Southside. After hosting the Games, Birmingham is looking to transform the inward interest generated into long-term, sustainable economic progress. And things are looking up for the city and its nine districts including Southside Birmingham. 

Which is quite the opposite from only a few months prior. Things weren’t so good under the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. And some of the districts had it even worse. 

Southside Birmingham is an inner city district that relies heavily on city visitors and tourist for its economic growth. During the pandemic restrictions, Its entertainment and hospitality sectors were dying. Even with the restrictions easing, some businesses in the Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village would never open again. The whole district was in danger of going under.

Southside Birmingham Transport Links - Chinese Quarter

Thanks to the 2022 Commonwealth Games and the hard work of the Southside BID team, Southside Birmingham is making a triumphant turnaround as the next commercial and residential property investment hotspot in the city.

Transport Links Connect Southside Birmingham To City Centre, The West Midlands And The Rest Of The UK

Birmingham is a very busy hub for trade, business, and travel in the West Midlands, and the surrounding regions. A role that is similar to the one played as the centre of manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution. 

Birmingham is also a prime transport hub. It is connected to the rest of the UK and to the world via road, rail, and air. These transport links make Birmingham an ideal venue for hosting events. Not only mega-events like the 2022 Commonwealth Games but huge business and corporate, cultural, and national events as well.  

All Transport Links Lead To The Southside, Birmingham’s Creative Industries Quarter

Birmingham's central location and transport links make it a prime venue for events and conferences in the UK. Before the pandemic, Birmingham was the preferred venue outside of London for global expos and conferences. 

Southside Birmingham also features and hosts many cultural events and performances. So apart from the city centre and the business district, the Southside Birmingham is a favourite area to visit. It's where many historical and cultural areas can be found. Two of these areas are the hugely famous Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village.  

Southside Birmingham Transport Links - Hurst Street

Southside Birmingham's economy reflects its popularity as an entertainment quarter. In fact, many of the city's transport links do pass through Southside Birmingham. Its primary industries are entertainment (theatre, music, and performance), hospitality (with its well-known hotels, bars, and restaurants), and the creative industries (visual arts, film and TV, graphic design, and more). 

This is the reason why Southside Birmingham was so deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Southside Birmingham is so reliant on visitors for its custom that the pandemic restrictions essentially shut the district down. In the wake of the restrictions, the district suffer greatly and many businesses were bankrupted by the closures. 

Even with its proximity to the city centre and its many transport links, Southside Birmingham couldn't cope with the restrictions. Thus, the restaurants and dining places in the Chinese Quarter were forced to close. The performance venues, bars, cafes, nightclubs---the entire night-time economy of the Gay Village was lost. There are many well-loved establishments in Southside that will never open their doors again. 

The Southside BID Team: Planning Southside Birmingham's Turnaround Through Regeneration And Transport Links Upgrades

Despite the difficulties Southside Birmingham, it was able to turn itself around. Southside Birmingham is now regaining its footing as the entertainment quarter. And soon, as a regenerated commercial and residential property investment hotspot. 

One reason for the Southside's rejuvenation is Birmingham’s successful hosting of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Not only did it showcase Birmingham’s ability to host mega-events, it displayed the Southside, the centre for entertainment, leisure and culture. And the quarter willingly obliged showcasing its prized gems like the Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village, as well as its entertainment venues like the O2 Academy, the Arcadia, and other dining and leisure centres within the district. 

Another equally important reason for its turnaround is the hardworking Southside Business Improvement District (Southside BID) team. Established in 2011, the Southside BID team has been at work even during the pandemic to make improvements within the district. 

The Southside BID team is responsible for planning and executing projects that will benefit the community. These include projects like the walking and cycling routes from the Birmingham New Street Station to Southside. The team is working on pedestrianising areas around Hurst and Hill Streets, too. 

The Southside BID team also lobbies for the entry of startups that want to open offices in the district. Many businesses in Southside Birmingham closed forever because of the pandemic. The team works on attracting businesses looking for areas to expand or to relocate into, and help grow the community and commerce in the district.  

This is a great opportunity for Southside Birmingham to undergo regeneration. The Southside BID team is lobbying hard for regeneration projects. It is pushing especially for a combination of commercial and residential property developments.  

Creating A Stronger Cultural Community In Southside Birmingham 

The city council and Greater Birmingham also have plans in development with the Southside firmly in mind. The new development on the Smithfield Markets (just outside of the Gay Village, closer to Digbeth) is one of these projects, as well as the £9.5 million public square development outside the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre. 

It is not only an additional cultural attraction but will be the unofficial l“gateway” into the Southside’s hugely popular Chinese Quarter, the Gay Village, and so much more. 

This public square is under the auspices of the Enterprise Zone Investment Plan (EZIP) and the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) Enterprise Zone, and is intended to attract interest in commercial investment opportunities and residential property developments in the Southside. 

Reliable Transport Links: Reaching Southside Birmingham By Road, Rail, or Air

One of the main reasons that Birmingham’s Southside district has become well-known in the West Midlands as one of its cultural and entertainment centres is that all roads lead to the Southside—quite literally. 

Southside Birmingham’s Transport Links By Air

Birmingham Airport is an international travel hub and carries passengers from Dublin, Dubai, Europe, the Caribbean, and North America. It is the gateway to the Birmingham and West Midlands region. 

The airport is being served by the Birmingham International railway station, and soon, by the HS2 Interchange Station. Two bus services also serve the airport with routes passing through the city. 

Before the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, the airport was serving up to 12 million passengers. The numbers aren’t up there yet, but they are steadily increasing. 

A Road Trip Right Into Birmingham’s Cultural Heart

Birmingham has a great public transport network. This network consists of train, tram, and bus services and is overseen by Transport for West Midlands (TWM). The TWM is a public body that oversees and coordinates public transport services in the region. 

Compared to other cities like Manchester, Birmingham does not have a single orbital motorway. Rather, it is served by three motorways (M42, M5, and M6) that surround most of the city. 

Visitors to the city will also notice that private transportation isn’t as prevalent as in other cities. This is because of the city council have enacted the Clean Air Zone - Class D for all roads within the A4540 ring road. 

The Clean Air Zone encourages residents and visitors to Birmingham’s highly efficient public transport links. Visitors and tourists are also encouraged to make the most of its many pedestrianised areas. Some notable pedestrianised areas are in the Southside. The Chinese Quarter and the Gay Village, and many venues within the district have walking and biking routes. 

The Birmingham New Street Railway Station: Primary Transpot Link In And Out Of The Southside

If you not walking into the Southside, you can take one of the city’s best transport links. One of the most well-known of public transport systems in the city is the Birmingham New Street station. 

The station is the hub for all intercity rail travel and is served by the West Midlands Metro tram system. It is the busiest of Birmingham’s three main railway stations handling more than 46 million passengers. New Street Station is also the busiest interchange station with 7 million passengers annually. 

Southside Birmingham Transport Links - New Street Station

The New Street Station borders Southside Birmingham on its northwest side and is minutes-walk  away from the Chinese quarter. It is also a central hub for the UK railway system, connecting to the West Midlands (through local and suburban lines), London Euston, Edinburgh Waverly, and Glasgow Central. 

During the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Birmingham’s bus, tram, and train transport links saw hundreds of thousands of spectators and sports fans travel into the city and into the Southside. 

A Brummie’s Guide In And Out Of The Southside Birminghm

Getting around Southside Birmingham is quite easy thanks to the city’s efficient transport links. But if you want to do what most Brummies do, you walk or cycle around. And around the entertainment quarter in the Southside, there are many sights to see! 

The Southside’s northernmost part is the Birmingham New Street Station, the city’s busiest railway station. It is a 5-minute walk from the city centre. If you’re coming from the Bullring, the Chinese Quarter is just around the corner—and the Gay Village is just a few blocks to the east  

Fancying Chinese cuisine for dinner? The Chinese Quarter is a five-minute walk from the Birmingham New Street Station. Take the corner of Hill and Hurst streets, and you’ll get there in no time. 

Hint: If you’re starting from the city centre, the line 63 bus will get you to the Chinese Quarter in 6 minutes, while taking a direct bus from Old Square to O2 Academy will get you there in about 5 minutes. 

Southside Birmingham Transport Links - Bus Links

Southside Birmingham Is The Ideal Address Because Of Its Close Proximity To All The Fundamentals Like Transport Links

Getting to know these transport links and walking routes is beneficial for professionals and families looking for housing close to where they work, study and live. 

Families looking for housing close to to the learning quarter and some of the city’s top universities do not need to look far. Southside Birmingham is a good residential address families and international students who want to stay in the city.

Likewise, Southside Birmingham is also just a walk away from the city centre and the business and office districts. Perfect for professionals and family working, studying and living in the city centre.Worthwhile considerations if you’re looking to invest in residential property investments in Southside Birmingham. 

Southside Birmingham shows great promise and growth in the coming years. It is truly coming to its own not only as the cultural heart of the city, but as a regeneration hotspot as well. 

Interested in Southside Birmingham’s growth as a commercial and residential hotspot? Book a chat or call us today on 02079236100 to learn more about off-plan and new build property investments in Southside Birmingham.

Brett Alegre-wood
September 1, 2022

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