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Brett Alegre-wood
March 4, 2021

People often ask my opinion on what a great developer is


If you have been in the game for as long as I have, you will have worked with hundreds of developers:

some terrible ones, who will make empty promises and waste your time, and some who have a real vision of what they want to achieve, pick up the phone, answer questions and are always happy to partner with you.

I have a particular history with Berkeley Homes which is why I wanted to tell you more about them:

The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
The 3+1 Plan Brett AlegreWood
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!
Get the perfect plan for todays market. Download The 3+1 Plan now!

But first, who are Berkley Homes?

Berkley Homes are the biggest property developers in the UK and have been around for 40 years.

In fact, the first deal we ever did with them was back in 2004 and we have consistently worked with them since. 

Their dedication to both quality and detail is second to none and I particularly like the fact that whatever projects they decide to undertake, Berkley Homes have a vision: turn unused land into modern living spaces whilst creating communities of people who will want to thrive and live there for the foreseeable future.

Specialising in long-term brownfield regeneration, their expertise really sets them apart from their competition.

They have a history of successful regeneration developments

Berkley Homes are experts at building beautiful London properties and have a track record of having completely transformed some 'rough' areas of the city into regenerated spaces with vibrant communities living at their heart. 

The first example on my mind would be Kidbrooke Village in Greenwich, which used to be an area with a bad reputation. Back in the day, you certainly wouldn't have wanted to set a foot there, especially at night.

Kidbrooke Village now looks fantastic, with sustainable features, plenty of areas to cycle  and a playground specifically developed for children of the community.

Another great project to highlight is Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich, which used to be a giant car park with not a lot of activity going on.

If you look at it now, the place has wonderful amnesties, a gastropub and plenty of space to walk and cycle, creating a real sense of community where people can meet and get to know each other. 

Both projects are award-winning and their value continues to increase, which makes them fantastic investments.

2 of their newest projects are already making some noise

The Green Quarter in Ealing is one of Berkley's most 'biodiverse and significant regeneration projects', and will see them deliver completely transformed landscapes, enormous outdoor areas, parks and green spaces for tenants.

Snow Hill Wharf,  is also a project to keep under your radar, as it is pretty much the first big regeneration project Berkley Homes are establishing in Birmingham. 

This will certainly give an even bigger boost to Birmingham's popularity, despite already being a firm favourite for investors around the world.

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