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Hotel Room Investment

Introducing the ultimate low-cost property investment

Here’s why beginner property investors love hotel room investment

Buy-to-let property investment has produced stunning returns for investors in the UK. For a beginner investor, the idea of investing in property today could make you feel nervous. You’ll probably gain from the benefits of leveraging in property investment, but, in an uncertain economy and with Brexit negotiations under way, the size of investment required might be daunting. Read More
Student accommodation vs hotel room investment

Student accommodation vs hotel room investment

What’s the best property investment for income?

There’s an element in the UK housing market that many property investment gurus have only recently realised as a big factor in rising rental prices. It puts a wedge of extra demand into the private rented sector and is among the 108 data points which we research when looking for the best places to invest in property UK. I’m talking about the growing numbers of students in higher education. In this article, I’ll look at the effect of a student population on market rents, and compare student accommodation and hotel rooms as property investment strategies. Read More
Hotel Room Investment

Where will you find the best income generating assets today?

Hotel rooms for high yield income

Among the many benefits of hotel room investment perhaps the major attraction is the opportunity they offer for high yield and steady income. If you compare them to other investments, hotel rooms are among the best income generating assets available to investors, and possibly the best. If you follow some basic rules when considering how to make the best hotel room investment, you should buy into a solid business in a great location for hotel investment. You’ll benefit from income generating asset that is secure and which, in turn, benefits from a consistent, experienced, and forward-looking management team. For savvy investors who do their investment research, investment opportunities in hotel rooms could be the perfect vehicle for passive income. In this article, I’ll look at how the income from hotel room investment stacks up against other income generating assets. Read More