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Eye-opening facts about your pension fund

The big corporations have been in control of your pension fund for years.

Using their puppets – our politicians – they made sure the rules worked in their favour, not yours. You had no choice. You had to pay into a pension pot they managed. And they didn’t invest your money until they’d taken their cut in the form of fees. Hefty fees. Read More

Does the Pension Protection Fund protect your money?

Is your pension protected?

The recent recession has seen the collapse of many businesses with more predicted. Up until now, company insolvency has meant that employees of the firm would walk away with pretty much nothing, including most if not all of the money invested in the employer defined benefit pension scheme. This has prompted the UK government to introduce the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) in the 2004 Pensions Act, which protects the members of eligible employer defined benefit pensions should the company become insolvent. Although this is a government-sponsored institution, it's the employers who actually fund it by way of an industry levy. Read More