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Pull off your own perfect property scam in just 11 steps

The perfect scam

1. Choose a good business model and abuse it…

The key criteria is that I would base it on a good business model. This seems to be the key to the best scams. They take something that everyone knows works and abuse the process. Property investment companies Fresh Start, Dylan Harvey, EcoHouse all worked in building residential property. Read More

Property fraud: 12 warning signs it’s a scam – part 2

PROPERTY FRAUD #7: The One-Close Sale

I hate pushy salespeople and companies. The promises are heavy and the delivery is light. They concentrate on short-term gain instead of the value of long-term relationships. There is no follow through, no commitment, and no care for the customer (saved for getting their hands on the commission from the sale to the customer). Pushy salespeople are bad news. Read More

Property fraud: 12 warning signs it’s a scam – part 1

If you’ve been following these property fraud blogs by now you’ve probably already noticed some common and regular themes of property investment scams.

Property scams are huge business. In fact, in 2011, in America property scams were the third largest type of scam reported to American Consumer Credit Counselling (ACCC), causing more than $10 billion of losses. Get educated on the most common property investment scams and learn to spot them early, and you’ll avoid becoming a sucker for a scam. Here’s my list of the most common warning signs that you’re getting suckered into a scam. Read More